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A New Hope for a Beleagured Game

jihashijihashi Cedar Falls, IAPosts: 136Member

 I'm ashamed to admit that I have waited to long to post this, but this needs to be said. First, I'm a skeptic. Once a company has lost my trust, it's extremely hard to get it back again. Second, I require hard proof that things will get better once that trust is lost. We all know that when WoA first launched back on December 15th, that it may very well have been doomed to failure. The lack of communication from the GM's, and less than that from the developers themselves has caused alot of striff amongst the player population. The forums themselves were a battle ground of flames and trolling. Then people started to drift away in steady streams. Leaving the server all but barren. It appeared to even those trying to defend the game and keep it alive that it would soon die out once and for all. That is, up until two weeks ago.

 Two weeks ago NeoWiz surprised even this skeptic. They hired on a group of brand new GM's to handle the outcries both in game, and on the forums. Nearly two months after the release of WoA to the general public no less. So, what then has happened to the previous GM's that we rarely saw, let alone heard from? Who cares? Not I, but I will say this. This new group of GM's have begun to mend the broken trust, and restore faith to those of us that have waited and watched. At first, it seemed like they were doing nothing but parroting the same responce over and over again. That they will make this game better for the enjoyment of the players. Which was the overall message, not an exact wording. Those of us that heard it, remained skeptical, at first.

 What they bring with them, is a glimmer of hope, albeit a small one for those of us who's trust has been abused and shattered. But a glimmer just the same. They have promised that by March 2nd, we will see the improvements and fixes we have so sorely been waiting for. One can only hope that that will be true, and not another empty promise. This beta tester has been down that road one to many times. Yet, if not for this group of GM's, and their reassurances, however half hearted they may seem, my own faith in NeoWiz would not be so easilly restored. Even if it's just a small restoration, for the moment.

 So what is the main thing that this new group of GM's have brought to WoA? The one thing we have been crying out for for the past few months. Communication. Does this mean that NeoWiz will then live up to their promise to fix all the issues in game? That remains yet to be seen. But with the reassurances from the new GM staff, I can say that this skeptic is starting to become an optimist. My message to the new GM staff, if your reading this. Is to keep it up, without your steady interraction with the player base, this game would have gone belly up in a matter of months. NeoWiz was at least smart enough to make sure they got a competent team together. All of our hopes rest on your shoulders, and I can promise this. It's not going to be an easy burden for you all to bear. But I remain optimistic that we will start to see this game evolve into what it should have been prior to its rushed launch.

 To my loyal readers. Keep an eye out. If I'm this confident to post this, then I will be equally confident to post on a future rereview, and promise that it will be a good one.



  • awtsyawtsy EpsomPosts: 36Member

    wow. nice job Neowiz. XD

  • awtsyawtsy EpsomPosts: 36Member

    i have new videos with the GMs on it, doing Question and Answer in-game.

    i'll be post ing it later. need to edit it first tho.


    the GM i saw was a ranger I think, i didn't see the weapon. 

    haven't seen the other GMs but i hope there will be a cleric among them that gives buffs XD.


    they will be having this major update this coming march 2.



    surely hope that this will be the turning point.

  • jihashijihashi Cedar Falls, IAPosts: 136Member

     As do we all awtsy. Though we all know, the only reason that NeoWiz finally got a GM staff that's capable of doing the communicating, is because they realized that their server is emptying out faster than it can be filled. Hence why I said that it's the only smart thing they have done thus far.

  • Captain231Captain231 superior, WIPosts: 19Member

    The GM's are getting thru to the Devs. The Devs just recently fixed what they screwd up with the Hunter class.. The Forums are alive again, many voicing thier disappointments with the game thus far. Many are waiting for the Major Patch in March to make or break this game.. Devs are losing money, due to the defections, and those that  keep grinding along refuse to buy anything from the shop..  The March Patch is the only thing keeping the few that are left still hopeful.. 

    Only Rugby releases the stress of Life.

  • jihashijihashi Cedar Falls, IAPosts: 136Member

     Unfortunatly, that March patch never came around. From what I've seen, the forums are quickly dieing out, yet again. This time they took a bigger hit. Looks like the GMs were just there to tell people what they think we wanted to hear.

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