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FusionFall: New Nanos and Play Areas Arrive

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,965MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Fusion Fall dev team has let us know that the game has been updated. Based on several characters from Cartoon Network series, the new update brings new 'nanos' (mini versions of Cartoon Network characters) to the game as well as a revamped tutorial zone and new play areas.

Game Update Details:

Tutorial replaced with Academy Training in all-new areas: The Null Void (Ben 10), The Petting Zoo (Generator Rex), Mt. Neverest and the Lady Rainicorn bridge (Adventure Time)

Immediately interact with some of Cartoon Network’s most popular brands including Adventure Time, Generator Rex and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

3 All-New Nanos: Finn, Rex and Alien X!

Nanos separated from Level with 20 New Nanos coming in 2011-2012. Upcoming Nanos previewed in Mt . Neverest

New opening story sequence

Upcoming Unstable Nano will allow players to try out new Nanos before they’re released

Updated First Use display

New movement controls including Dash and Glide

Smaller Initial Download

Read more here.



  • VysarineVysarine Lansing, MIPosts: 8Member

    FINALLY some new, good content.

    Also, I'm glad they made a Rex nano. This game needed more Rex in it. c:

  • scholesscholes CANBERRAPosts: 70Member Uncommon

    Wisht they hurry and introduce to the Asian/pacific areas  as sick of seeing the coming soon - been over year like that.


  • Blueboy2007Blueboy2007 Brookfield, WYPosts: 2Member

    When   you put new  nanos  :D

    i   got idea  make  rex  egger where rex is :D


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