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Mumble the future communication for MMO's?

RedruumRedruum Aurora, ILPosts: 306Member Uncommon

This has been a hot topic within the MMO community lately.  Those that don't know, Mumble is an open source constantly being improved communication similar to Ventrilo.  My community has recently started using it and I can say I am very impressed with the improved speech quality and if you are into FPS's the response time is faster.

I am going to think we are not the first community to adopt the use of Mumble so it is always good to hear others experiences or thoughts on it. I can only speak on the host that we use which is who specializes in only Mumble servers and their plans are super cheap due to that.

My question to everyone is, who else is currently using Mumble out there and I would like to hear others thoughts on it and how this may replace Ventrilo in the upcoming year or two.


  • monstermmomonstermmo Glendale, CAPosts: 1,057Member Uncommon

    I prefer ventrilo.

    Friends of mine were raving about the new thing mumble and when i tried it it was crap.

    That happens tho, no biggy, i used to prefer team speak and after using vent i was like ewwwww team speak.

    I dont really care tho, there will always be some kind of voice chat and more than likely a new program will replace an older one. I dont think Mumble will be the last or the best.

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  • EmergenceEmergence Norman, OKPosts: 888Member

    I accidentally instaled mumble when asked if I wanted it, when I was installing something else. Was it EQ1? I forget.

    Regardless, I've never heard of this before. Yet it is already infesting my game installers! Obviously it is growing in popularity :P

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  • PsycheiPsychei Salem, ORPosts: 148Member

    I would like to hear more peoples opinions on Mumble, I recently stop using vent for Teamspeak 3, the new TS client is way better than vent and about the same cost, but if this mumble can prove better then it might be worth the switch.

    Any other Mumble users out there?

  • crimsonmid1crimsonmid1 LarissaPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    Mumble is better than VT. No lag, many people can talk simultaneously with no interruptions, and the sound quality is extremely good. Try it. After all it is free.

  • RedruumRedruum Aurora, ILPosts: 306Member Uncommon

    It is definitely growing in popularity.  One reason for that might be the constant development it is under with active developers taking suggestions from users on what they would like to see in it.  The newer version of 1.2.3 seems to have improved quality of lower bandwidth users from what it says.  One of the cool features which was just released was priority speaker, which you can give someone and whenever they talk it attenuates everyone down, which is good in the case of raid leaders or what not.


    I definitely like Ventrilo as well, seems kinda bulky for me with some games when I alt tab, but it definitely is a solid program.  I guess I am just a tech nerd that likes to see various options for applications which ultimately improves the quality for us end users in the long run.

  • RedruumRedruum Aurora, ILPosts: 306Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Psychei

    I would like to hear more peoples opinions on Mumble, I recently stop using vent for Teamspeak 3, the new TS client is way better than vent and about the same cost, but if this mumble can prove better then it might be worth the switch.
    Any other Mumble users out there?

     Pshychei if you are looking to just check it out with some people below is a link for a free test server that is open to anyone to give it a try.


  • AnirethAnireth Posts: 834Member Uncommon

    I never liked using voice communication, because you couldn't understand anything. Until i found some folks using Mumble. I really liked it.

    Lately i prefer TS³, because Mumble is lacking certain features, like adjusting the volume of indivual people, moving players to your channel without having to drag&drop them, which means you have to find them in the channel tree, and probably scroll down quite a lot on bigger servers, which gets really annoying if you have to do it more often.

    Sound quality definitely improved over the older versions, too.

    Didn't use Vent for quite some time, can't tell if it's better.

    What i sometimes miss is the game overlay mumble features, allowing you to see who is speaking even while not on desktop. Makes learning whos who when you are new / they are new.

    Not sure about the sound quality and lag of Mumble vs. TS³.

    Best would probably be if Mumble would update the software itself to the standards of TS³ for now.

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  • TazlorTazlor NYC, NYPosts: 864Member

    a tin can and string is better than mumble.

  • shamallshamall Imperial Beach, CAPosts: 516Member Common

    Originally posted by Tazlor

    a tin can and string is better than mumble.

    The hell you say, I've been using mumble the past year and it is far better than vent and teamspeak

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  • DarSepkiDarSepki NotNeeded, IAPosts: 51Member

    I have been using mumble for a number of months, and during that time I have seen it grow in popularity. Excellent sound quality.

    There is a little resistance in accepting it, just as with any other new application. People do not like change if they don't have to. But I hope that it will be the new standard shortly. The vent license cost in addition to not having a linux client did not set with me very well. 

  • AbyeAbye GelsenkirchenPosts: 53Member

    I did some comparing side by side. Mumble with CELT codec does have the best sound quality, however it doesn't default to CELT last time I did a fresh install. Picking the right Codecs for the channels makes a major difference.


    Teamspeak deserve to be scorned for sitting on their asses raking in the cash for the antiquated TS2 because the superior ventrilo sloooowly gained a foothold over half a decade just because it had the better market penetration and especially bigger groups of people are hesitant to switch because there are always non-techies in the clan/guild that will whine for weeks. When the TS-Team realized the competitors have a chance of toppling the market then they put together a new architecture with modern Codecs.

  • RedruumRedruum Aurora, ILPosts: 306Member Uncommon

    How do you set the codes for each individual channel?

  • QuirhidQuirhid TamperePosts: 6,230Member Uncommon

    Of the three (Ventrilo, TeamSpeak and Mumble), Vent is the worst and Mumble is the best.

    EDIT: All ingame voice chats I've tried are all worse than Vent however. Having a third party program is always better.

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