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WonderKing: 1st Anniversary Events Coming to a Close

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 19,923MMORPG.COM Staff Rare

The latest WonderKing developer blog at has been updated to remind players to log in before the 1st Anniversary event cycle ends. There are prizes up for grabs including a pair of $600 prepaid Visa cards and an Apple iPad.

We have partnered with our offer platform providers to give away many valuable prizes. Come join us and don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!


  • Grand Prize: $600 Visa Prepaid card (2 Winners)

  • 2nd Place Prize: iPad (1 Winner)

  • 3rd Place Prize: Logitech Wireless Headset (3 Winners)

  • 4th Place Prize: 23 inch LCD monitor (1 Winner)

  • 5th Place Prize: iPod Nano/Shuffle (1 Winner each)

  • 6th Place Prize: Logitech Speaker System (5 Winners)

Read more here.


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