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LEGO Universe: Crux Prime Opens

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

LEGO Universe Online players will have a new and challenging zone to play in with the opening of the Crux Prime area. Crux Prime brings a Ninjago storyline to the game to coincide with last month's release of the Ninjago toys to retailers worldwide.

Within the vast Crux Prime zone, players will be treated to over 100 new missions and achievements to complete, and over 100 new pieces of gear, decals and weapons to collect and share. Players can search the battlefield to discover four rare new armor sets like the Bat Lord and Explorien Bot; and can also gear up with alternate-color Faction Kits, like the Black Knight, Red Sorcerer or Silver Samurai!

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  • RodinozRodinoz CanberraPosts: 4Member


    NETDEVIL....Make it available in Australia already will ya!!!

    Doesnt NetDevil realise the stupidity of an online game that has been released across the planet but that is unavailable for download here?

    When will these stupid studios learn? By the time theyve got thier act together, it will be too late - I will have moved on and taken my money with me.

    Im a professional, with at least a reasonable amount of disposable income that allows me to run more than one MMO at a time - but if you DONT LET ME BUY THE GAME... what hope have you got.


    Thanks x

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