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Caster run and gun tactics

NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon

In the spirit of "innervation" and, just plain interest. how could this system be modeled?


To define: Casters can cast on the move, not require a "stop", but still heed the fundamental mechanics of resource management.

Now, i can already see the implications of this, such as a perceived "overpowered class nightmare" by other Gamers. However, With a bit of imagination this could prove to be practical...


For Example:

Some of you may well have noticed with Rifts system of character development(this post is in no way a rift post btw), "Their" rogues are able to "Blink", therfore sealing the gap between kiting casters. Solving a huge potential problem for this scenario.


Now, I am sure with all the veteran players that are on these boards that have seen various game mechanics over the years, you could formulate a working model for this.

Its just abit of fun, so knock yourself out :)

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