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Well now were getting spammed with Junk mail They sold our email adresses

erictlewiserictlewis Cottondale, ALMember Posts: 3,021 Uncommon

Well I guess there last act was to sell all our email address to the QMXOnline folks. So they did make some money, I know they just did not go hey here something for free

I got an email that reads as the following.





  • PiasekPiasek LimanowaMember Posts: 318

    Got the same, but still i was testing F&F and CB stages..and it was hell of fun. SGW has potential and best community ever, lot of fans on forums etc. Hope some1 with money will see that, and maybe in future SGW will rise again.


  • blackthornnblackthornn Member Posts: 523 Uncommon

    well, they need to recoup thier capital somehow right?

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  • AlmightyXAlmightyX CampbelltownMember Posts: 25
    They didn't sell the email address. That is a partner company. You agreed to receive shit from Firesky and affiliates.

    Anyway was interesting spam. Go register your email with blizzard (fucking and then see the spam, msn invites you get!
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