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Unable to resub.

jadedlevirjadedlevir Kansas, AKPosts: 628Member

I was going to try to resub and get back into the game, but it seems im literarly unable to. I update my credit card, and it gives me error 209. This is the  card rejection error, but i use to use this  card all the time with the game, it's not short on funds, and their really shouldn't be any problems. Call my bank, and they're not even recieving anything from av's end.

So I go on to try another card, a friends mastercard (which he also uses to play darkfall with) both recieve the same error.

Then I move on to paypal, a verified account that i've used many time before, once again, with enough funds. This time I dont get an error 209, but an error 602. When my paypal tries to go thro with the charge, it redirects me back to dfo's website, and their website says i canceled the payment?

It's odd because I never ran into problems like this before, and I've looked everywhere and the only offered solution i see is to use paypal.Opened a ticket, waited a day for my ticket to be escalated to billings department, waited another day to get an automated response that told me to contact my bank(which in the first ticket i had already specified i did). So had to reopen that ticket, and wait another day for it to get escalated back to billings department, and hopefully tommorow they will tell me something.

Anyway, has anyone run into problems similiar to this, or have any suggestions? I tried different browsers, not script blocking anything ect. I have a feeling im gona end up having to buy a new account.


  • HotjazzHotjazz BalsfjordPosts: 742Member

    Originally posted by jadedlevir

     I have a feeling im gona end up having to buy a new account.

    You really want to play, that`s for sure. 


    It`s sad it should be so hard to resub to the game again. I was going to open my alt account, but failed. I`m not as patient as you, so I gave up when typing my password didn`t get me in :)

  • shazuginshazugin wherever, RIPosts: 70Member Uncommon

    I think your best bet is to contact aventurine. Trust me, when they see youre trying to sub to their game they will be all over you like flies on shit

  • jadedlevirjadedlevir Kansas, AKPosts: 628Member

    Originally posted by shazugin

    I think your best bet is to contact aventurine. Trust me, when they see youre trying to sub to their game they will be all over you like flies on shit

    You would think they're trying to get as many subs as possible, but as from as what I can tell this is a fairly common problem.And their support is up there with mortal online tbh. At least when i was trying out Mo and xsyon i could hop onto irc and get help live from numerous people.

    Hell, i remember when i purchased xsyon and i chatted to a dev or gm  live while he went into their database, found my recorded attempts at purchasing the game, and did it manually himself because their acitvation database was down for the weekend.

    After days from run around auto responses, I've gotten no where with this problem.

  • GreymoorGreymoor ManchesterPosts: 802Member Uncommon

    Unfortunately you won't get help here with your credit card. It could be a temp. problem, an issue with your card, even down to a simple incorrect detail added. I've not personally known people who've had issues resubbing but do keep contacting AV support and perhapes your bank too.

  • jadedlevirjadedlevir Kansas, AKPosts: 628Member

    Well the problem is solved, and I wanted to post a small update incase people end up searching for this problem like I did. I recieved a new automated response on the reasons for the error, and on top of the list was using two different credit cards within 5 days. This came as a surprise to me since when you get the error, the two suggesed fixes is to call your bank or use a different credit card, which would seem counter productive, but , hey, my problem is fixed.

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