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Just sad

Pcgamer81Pcgamer81 rockford, ILPosts: 186Member

since july 2004 i have supported SWG only to get treated like garbage and now see why there so much SOE haters out there. my account was hacked while gone. so i try to return ti swg and see it was banned. guy wasn't bright left his name and credit card on the account. then when i try to sign up wont go even though its unbanned. so i went back to star trek online and dont regret it.


  • ValeranValeran Indianapolis, INPosts: 925Member

    If you really want to play I would advise you call their customer service number.  That should get it squared away for you.

    Ten Golden Rules Of Videogame Fanboyism

    "SOE has probably united more gamers in hatred than Blizzard has subs"...daelnor

  • AisinAisin Oakland City, INPosts: 17Member

    no.. don't contact cs.. the game isn't worth the effort any more.   if you do get in, you'll be bored out of your mind.  chances are most of your guild and friends are long gone.


    they said they needed to drop the 32 professions to make the game more manageable, yet here they are 5 years after that ready to change the officer profession once again.  i guess profession updates are easier than adding fun content more than once every 6 months.


    don't believe me?  read the producers notes for the past few months.  notice the lack of anything special in them.. they read like a book report where the person didn't read much

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