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Some Clarification Needed...

Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

I've been doing a bit of research on the game and have concluded that there is a lack of character creation options. The part I'm not clear about is if we have no facial choices or custom face editing tools or if it's just lacking costume options (due to the obvious need for gear and how it changes your appearance as you play)...


Are we talking worse than say your average Korean MMO character creation or what?


  • Argo951Argo951 NarniaPosts: 123Member

    I thought the character creation was quite good. You can change your face, posture and costume. As you level you will unlock many many new costume parts, but you cant change your face/posture after creation I think.

    The facial editing is not like a bigger nose, smaller eyes. Its more facial expressions you pick.

  • Mystik86Mystik86 Scarborough, ONPosts: 380Member Common

    Hmm. That's always been a big issue for me. If I can't customize my character's face I feel like a clone regardless of my costume or armor or whatever...

  • korvasskorvass den haagPosts: 623Member

    Unless it has changed since beta, you can't change the specifics of the face, but only choose from different skins, some of which have different faces.

    I've always been big on being able to alter every different detail on a character, but to be honest, in a game like this where you have lots of variations on costume and colour, you really don't notice having the same nose and eyebrows as another guy.

  • Argo951Argo951 NarniaPosts: 123Member

    There are so many masks/helmets/skins/hairs to choose from just for the face, its a decent customisation even if you cant have a giant nose and eyes on your chin

  • BashirBashir Memphis, TNPosts: 85Member

    maybe they'll add more customization options if and when they give us green lantern rings.  fingers/tentacles/hooves crossed.

  • kiernkiern Madison Heights, MIPosts: 428Member Uncommon

    No there aren't slider to make your nose longer or shorter, or raise and lower your ears, but no one really notices that stuff anyway. The changes you can make in this game are done by choosing the skin.  There are several different human ones that have different looks including a young and old one. There are also various animal ones and various other like, undead, robotic, lava, rock, metallic, glowing, demonic, etc...

  • CrazybladeUKCrazybladeUK NelsonPosts: 13Member

    The Character Customisation is pretty basic compared to a lot of other MMOs, you get quite a lot of preset options but its not great imo.

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