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Returning to Vana'diel Feb 2nd...

KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon


Greetings everyone interested in FFXI, new or possibly returning players.  Since the last post that appeared has gotten a bit of attention, and over the last few months since XIV launched I've been exceptionally disappointed with the MMO industry.  Not persay with the older titles as much as I am with everything these past 6 years, and looking forward within the 2011-2012 period.   I can honestly say that if every MMO coming out ends up being the same ole themepark-quest-hub-grind, then I'm not interested and sadly thus far thats what it appears to be. I'm not against giving them a try if I get in the CB or OB, but I tire of wasting the $50+ at launch only to be disappointed within a few days to a week.


And while FFXIV was a huge letdown at launch, it has been slowly getting better, and the massive changes coming in the first update this year, plus the direction this new producer has in mind; if they can pull it all off, I could see XIV recovering quite well. Its just going to take the better part of 2011 sadly and in the mean time I might as well play something I truly enjoy.  And I'm fed up with bouncing around, wasting money on supposedly "the next good MMO" when we have a really good one right in front of us that delivers on all aspects, at least that I expect.


So I've decided that I'd like to possibly make a return to Vana'diel {my favorite MMO of all time} starting next month on February 2nd.  Though I wish not to do it alone, and while our Linkshell has gone through some rough patches of keeping active members due to FFXIV not performing as we all expected, there are still more than a dozen of us looking for something to do, however I doubt all of them are willing to follow me back to XI.  So I'm looking for some new or returning players that would like to join our Linkshell and make the journey all the more fun.


We could even discuss starting up some static PTs several times a week, and it wouldn't matter what level anyone is or where said PT could take place with the Level Sync feature.  I severely miss the camp & pull style of parties, the exciting dangers of exploring Vana'diel, the exhilerating storylines, camping NMs and of course being social & helping other members of the community.



From reading these forums the past few weeks, several extensive threads have caught my eye:

Anyway, you should get the idea, but it appears that there are quite a few gamers out there that feel the same as I, and I believe that FFXI would satisfy those willing to join us, especially since it seems to be the only MMO remaining that still supports the old camp ~ pull ~ grind method.  Nor does one get any XP from I'd say at least 98% of all quests, they're for the adventure with a great story, to learn about the lore and sometimes a nice reward, but not always.



Well this post has gotten longer than I thought it would, and I don't really like huge-walls-of-text either.  If you'd like to join Eldritch Eponym on our return to adventuring in Vana'diel, then please click on my Signature below.  You'll be magically teleported to our Linkshell forums where you can find a slew of details about us on our Info Page including how to join us, our naming policy and guidelines.  We also have a 15-slot Ventrilo server to better enhance our communication whilst PTing.



Anyone willing to give FFXI a try, be you new to Vana'diel entirely, or a returning player starting anew or even transfering your character to the Fenrir World are more than welcome to come sign up and join us.



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