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Pretty Fun for Droid or iPhone

marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

When i first saw this game in the android market i didnt know what to think. All i knew was i had to be a bear, a bird or a elf and it didnt look very entertaining.  Twelve hours later i realised this is probably one of the coolest games ive played needless to say one on my cell phone.The bear is meant to be a warrior he can use a variety of weps, the elf is a  mage and the bird is an archer however there are ways to hybrid your classes secondary, third and fourth choices. Honestly if i had to compare it to something i would have to say its more like the Diablo series but it has more of a questing system like wow. You can collect gear complete quests, theres pvp and capture the flag theres even some facebook linked developers that post that there coming in game and give out free stuff. This game for the past few weeks has been more than entertaining, they just finished there christmas themed holiday event and they constantly update the game and release new dungeons and patches. The only thing that seems a bit deceiving is that they say its free to play but only till level 13 which takes a few hours to play then u have to buy a few zones to continue on which it think for everything cost like ten bucks and you dont need to do it all at once just as you level and by the time ur 13 u will know if you like the game or not, the only reason ull ever need the item shop is to buy a few vanity items if you feel like you need them. Well any how im just posting because ive been looking some something entertaining game on these forums for a while and if your into a diablo style game and looking to escape wow for a while and dont know where to turn if you have an iphone or a android based phone or tablet download this game and give it a try and feel free to add me to your friends list "Solanard" and btw if you we wondering they plan on a windows based version within the next few months for people that dont want to always use their phones.



  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member

    btw for those asking before this game does have towns, auctions houses, pvp and  guilds

  • marks4902marks4902 putnam valley, NYPosts: 133Member


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