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Head Start?

ElmorenElmoren Warhammer Online CorrespondentDenville, NJPosts: 109Member Uncommon

Is there one?  Where can I find info?

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  • kirak2009kirak2009 fredericton, NBPosts: 542Member Uncommon

    there isn;t one  game goes live tuesday

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  • monstermmomonstermmo Glendale, CAPosts: 1,057Member Uncommon

    I think the only headstart people will have is whether they downloaded the game, have to go pick it up at the store, or get it shipped to them. Whoever gets it done fastest wins!

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  • silentkillahsilentkillah Regina, SKPosts: 55Member Uncommon

    Yup! So you better stay home from work/school/or scubbing your gmas back because your name is going to be taken if ya don't!

  • Chile267Chile267 Huntington Beach, CAPosts: 140Member

    Are we assuming 12:01 a.m. PST Tuesday morning?

  • ProsonProson MandalPosts: 544Member Uncommon

    Im downloading the game from steam atm. 91% now, 10 more min and it should be ready.

    Wish i could create a char before the servers opens on tuesday.

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  • TheFurTheFur Milliken, COPosts: 96Member

    they stated that the servers would not be live till later in the morning Tuesday. You can get the game at a midnight release, but it will probably be 8-10 am before the servers are up depending on your time zone.


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