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General: The Quiz: MMO Holiday Edition

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,038MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

In The Quiz this week,'s Drew Wood takes a break from the eggnog to post up the Holiday Edition. Put on your Santa hats and get cracking with The Quiz: MMO Holiday Edition. Let us know how you did in the comments below!

It's that time of week again, ladies and gents, where I take you on a magic carpet ride of knowledge from around the world of MMOs. This week, what with the holiday season breathing down our necks, gift shopping and wrapping consuming our souls, and the ever-present excitement that I can drink Egg Nog ANY TIME I WANT, I've decided that this week's Quiz will be about some of those little holiday events you may have been hearing about for the past few days/weeks.

So I give you, the Ate-Too-Much-Food-During-The-Holidays QUIZ!

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  • G2GTechG2GTech Beckley, WVPosts: 25Member

    Here's one: Which game gave you for Christmas a snowball launcher and a supply of snowballs that would melt if you kept them too long?

    A: Eve Online.  This practice was changed, as people would see the snowball launcher targeting them and going red and think they were under attack.  Snowballs aren't prohibited by Concord, but retribution is, so the player would fire back and get attacked by the police.

    "The civilized man is rude, as he knows there are laws that protect him from recompense; The savage is not, for his actions can meet a bloody end."
    - Robert E. Howard

  • sudosudo Tel-AvivPosts: 697Member Uncommon

    LEGO Universe? That was so obvious!


    Oh, wait, nobody actually knows that game even exists...

    "Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.
    Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world."
    Hans Margolius

  • jakoblinjakoblin MODESTO, CAPosts: 300Member Uncommon

    such a cute kitten 

  • god10god10 newyork, NYPosts: 3Member

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