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Templum Assassinorum - Para-Military PvP Guild is actively recruiting for PvP & RP

EvinsWardlawEvinsWardlaw Bartlett, TNPosts: 31Member

Greetings Warriors,

Templum Assassinorum is looking for a few fighters to fill up our ranks... such fighters must seek PvP XP and wish to partake in various forms of PvP from Battlekeep Sieges, Open-World RP PvP, Minigames, and Mercenary contracts. Murderers and Criminals need not apply. We have a Tier 3 Guild City... and Ventrilo use is required. We have earned a reputation as the top mercenary guild in the game, we are poised to stir things up in Cimmeria but are looking for a few more to spill blood and share spoils with us... Fortune Favors the Brave!. 

We do not discriminate on level... whether you are level 1 or level 80... if you are willing to fight hard and follow battle orders, then join us!! We also welcome trained warriors from other guilds, especially those warriors who are left as lone standard bearers of guilds of old lore. 

Contact Vandevious, Vanderthir, Lognus, Razzariel, Adam, or Serothe in game... 

Vandevious - Leader of Templum AssassinorumLognus - feared barbarian of Templum AssassinorumAdam - Bloodthirsty, Ruthless Dark Templar of Templum Assassinorum

The Rise of Templum Assassinorum... 

As told by Sangreal, Scribe of Templum Assassinorum

His boots thudded heavily against the stone steps leading up to the plaza. The night was cold and a storm could be heard brewing in the horizon. When the lightning flashed, he got his first glimpse of the others gathered. There, they all stood assembled, waiting to hear what he had to say. They came from all over Hyboria. Aqualonians, of course, but also Cimmerians, and even some Stygians stood in assemblage in this ancient place. The man that gathered them there was broad of shoulder and well-muscled under his armor. Two weapons he wore at his side with a third strapped on his back, and the gleam in his eyes showed a depth of knowledge behind his hulking form. He smiled at the men before him. “I am glad you mongrel dogs could make it.”/

The assembled men broke into smiles all around, but some looked skeptical. “Why have you brought us here amid this stone ruins, Kailer?” asked the famed artificer Vandevious.

Kailer, who was not of many words outside the field of battle, turned to his closest companion, Flexy, to speak for him. Flexy nodded and moved to the center of the ruins to better address those gathered. “It is said that these ruins are what little remains of the Atlantean civilization after they fled east to escape the Cataclysm. Today, we seem to be coming to a cataclysm yet again. Conan, king of Aquilonia and greatest of the Cimmerians, cannot even keep invaders from his lands. Clans, who have been peaceful for decades, ride now to war against each other. Out of this chaos, a new order must arise. If this civilization is to survive, that order must be the strongest and the most powerful. We have brought you here to become that order.”

Cevr, ever the diplomat, moved forward. “We are but eight people. What can we do against the might of the combined clans? We need others to flock to our cause, serve under our banner. What banner can we eight have that unites us?”

Flexy nodded. “I have poured over the ancient books searching for such a banner and have found but one; whispers and bits of fragments speaking of a dark and powerful organization that would have made the kingdoms of the Pre-Cataclysmic Age tremble.”

Sangreal, a scholar, heard this and stirred from his seat amongst a stone column. “Surely, you don’t speak of Templum Assassinorum.” Yet, that is exactly what Flexy meant. Kailer indicated as such with the subtlest of nods. Sangreal let a smile creep to his lips.

The one named Vitman put forth the question on everyone’s mind. “What is Templum Assassinorum?”

Sangreal quickly reached into his pack and pulled out an ancient tome. “There is not much information concerning them, but I have managed to compile what little information there was.” He began to read from the tome. “In the time before the sinking of Atlantis, in the time of Kull and the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, there was an order of warriors, priests, and rogues that struck fear into the hearts of the Seven Empires. Legends tell of eight powerful humans who were tired of the waning power of the Seven Empires and were determined to forge a new world for themselves. Together, they gathered together some of the finest specimens of men, training them in the art of war, the power of faith, and game of politics. They called themselves the Council of Eight, and their order, Templum Assassinorum.

“The Council of Eight’s plan was epic, but their movements slow. Their numbers were still few and they could not participate in all-out war. They moved in secret, placing themselves in important positions throughout the Seven Empires, all the while recruiting others to their cause. Their power grew, their numbers expanded, and it seemed that their time to strike was at hand. However, as it always does, fate had other plans. The Cataclysm occurred and the Seven Empires vanished, Atlantis sank, and all trace of Templum Assassinorum disappeared.”

Damone, ever one to see the light in the darkness, queried, “It could be possible. Others may flock to this banner.”

The last of the eight moved forward and put his question plainly. “Is this what you plan to do, Kailer?” Thrillz asked.

Kailer nodded and Flexy spoke. “These are dark times, but all is not lost. Time has passed since the Great Cataclysm, and, perhaps, it is time in this age of Conan for rumors to, yet again, flow of an ancient power come again unto this world. The Council of Eight shall be reformed tonight and begin their efforts anew. Only this time, there will be no cataclysm. This time, there will be no subtlety. This time, Templum Assassinorum’s dream will be realized. Are you with us?”

The men looked at each other and, as one, drew their swords and knelt in front of Kailer. He smiled at them. “Then let it be done.”

I hope you enjoyed the first tale of Templum Assassinorum's exploits in the world of Hyboria.

Interested in learning more? Please visit to discover Templum Assassinorum.


  • EvinsWardlawEvinsWardlaw Bartlett, TNPosts: 31Member

    Templum Assassinorum is still looking for more warriors to join their Noble Order. We offer a little bit for everyone...

    This week alone, we led several Epic Zone Boss runs to earn gear for several of our mid-level players. We joined into a Tuesday night RP event which lead to a large skirmish across the town of Tesso. We had many members complete Yakhmar , Visitrix, and Kylikki raids,  on multiple 80s. We engaged in several Battlekeep Sieges... as well as running several Bori groups in Cimmeria's End.

    Age of Conan is a fantastic game... let TA help you to experience all it has to offer!!

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