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Political Map

GigglebottleGigglebottle Columbus, OHPosts: 40Member

Has someone made some sort of political map as of yet? For what Corps have taken over what part of the land etc....

If so can you please post a link so I can take a gander at it.


  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Originally posted by Gigglebottle
    Has someone made some sort of political map as of yet? For what Corps have taken over what part of the land etc....
    If so can you please post a link so I can take a gander at it.

    I don't think so but I bet the corp I belong to would be a 1 pixel wide bit somewhere near the border. :-)

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  • GigglebottleGigglebottle Columbus, OHPosts: 40Member

    lol thanks :P

  • GdemamiGdemami Posts: 10,340Member Rare

    Political map in Perpetuum is as meaningless as political map in EVE Online post Dominion...

  • reanorreanor BananaPosts: 434Member

    There is nothing to own really. There are few otuposts on Beta Islands and they just that - they are there... owning them doesn't really give you any advantage other than taxes from using stations. Either friend or foe can enter the outpost make their home there and grief the hell out of you with endless supply of starter bots that are given for free after you die at your home location along with gun, bullets and shield.

    Its not like in EVE where you have 100 sectors that you can fight for, build your stations, mine moons and planets for resources etc. In PO at this point all you do is just build your capital hoping that devs are working on improving the game and that things will get better. its a pretty simple game now that includes: mine, build, explore.

    Devs are working on player owned structures that you can build but that new content may take a while to develop since game is just released. So there is nothing much to do really other than train your character and build your capital for future when game expands. At this point the main goal - is to get into a better bot/mech since there is nothing available other than bots/mechs and all kinds of equipment.

    Base for the game is there, its been laid down pretty well, but it definitely needs a lot of content to be more fun and engaging. Its still worth a try no matter what.

  • BigCountryBigCountry Charlotte, NCPosts: 478Member

    I would LOVE to have a online map (like the Sinister Map for Darkfall) that shows the good ore spots, mob spots with lables, etc.


    If I had time at work I would start one...but I do not this week.

    BigCountry | Head Hunters |

  • reanorreanor BananaPosts: 434Member

    I bet many people would benefit from it. But you may just want to keep it to yourself otherwise there will be miners all over those spots :), a lot of people who didn't want to go explore the islands still mine the alpha assignment spots (me including lol) so having your own spot that you discovered yourself would be pretty cool. I plan to go explore a bit with some reserve of area charges later tonight.

  • BigCountryBigCountry Charlotte, NCPosts: 478Member

    we still mine in alpha also....LOL

    BigCountry | Head Hunters |

  • BigCountryBigCountry Charlotte, NCPosts: 478Member

    reanor I found this,



    Few good maps on that site. Search 'perpetuum'

    BigCountry | Head Hunters |

  • BoosthungryBoosthungry red bank, NJPosts: 137Member

    I would love to see a politicial map of the Beta Isles.  Those who say there is no need for one at the moment are simply not involved in Corp and Alliance Politics. 

  • KazuhiroKazuhiro Hampshire, AZPosts: 579Member Uncommon

    I don't have a political map drawn out currently. But since the political regions consist of only 3 islands. I can just say who owns what.

    Hokkagaros is owned by the "Infestation Alliance" Consisting of "M2S, GG, Mahti, and X-23"

    Domhalarn is owned by the "No Name Alliance" Consisting of "NA, CS, Ecorp and a few other small corps"

    Norhoop is owned by whats left of the "Nohope Alliance" Consisting of "RG, HUN, and a few others"

    The political landscape is quite solid currently, no real gains or losses on any side territory wise. I think due to the blob warfare and difficulty in taking an outpost. (From what I read on the forums anyway.)

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  • GremrodGremrod Anaheim, CAPosts: 203Member Uncommon

    Politic Map even though the game world right now is small, who cares I did it anyway.


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