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This game is really not worth the time.

angriffangriff Behind You, TXPosts: 154Member

Played this game for several weeks.  Two thumbs down !  If all you are interested in is clicking on little dog and bear icons on the screen for hours on end while you send you merchant to the next town each town after town after town... then this may be a game you are interested.  As far as ministry of war it is a complete waste of time.  The war interface is complete clunkiness.  In fact the players themselves say you cannot defend the towns from plunder and a players that are levels above you suddenly can attack your town steal your gold with nothing but a single hero.. You defeat them 3 or 4 times and they just Pop a pill and back stealing your gold again. 


it is something of an endless cycle of learning what works as it is less than a 1/3 finished according to some players and there is no real manual.  Even the lauded FAQ board does not explain to you that spending weeks and thousans of gold building a  wall around your town does nothing.


I read on review that said this game would be a different web based MMPORG that was browser run.  They said the lag would not be there.  Unfortunately every weekend the lag is so bad you cannot even click on your map to find your mechants that have arrived in some villiage and await you to click another village about 20 min away.  All the while you have three green bars on the connection feedback and a 56 ms ping so it must be either they dont have enough bandwidth or server speed.

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