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The Return of Celiah Ailey - VENGEANCE

ZtyXZtyX BjerringbroPosts: 367Member Uncommon


The Return of Celiah Ailey

In these heinous times of illness and despair, a crew is assembling a new order.

Death to the cancerous abominations!

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VENGEANCE is the third part of the saga about the Raiders of the Northeast, which is Celiah Ailey's Darkfall Guild project running and evolving since launch.

We are a tribe driven by united zealots who live and die for our values. We live for vengeance and justice in our world! We live to raise and lead an army that will defy and crush anyone that lives a filthy life. We will stop at nothing untill justice has been done.

Some will say we are saints and others will say we are demons. Despite anything we will never compromise on our values and ideals. Darkfall is riddled with cruel men and petty thieves. We are men and warriors of virtue! We will execute our punishment viciously on any greedy bastard, shameless murderer or filthy tyrant with less mercy than an angry God.

VENGEANCE, our tribe, is driven by steel cold conviction and furious anger that will never fade no matter how many times we wipe the floor with the blood of our enemies. We are driven to continue by pure hatred for those that live a filthy life and do not repent their ways.

We are the lords of Vengeance!

This project is not to be confused with Yssam Raider, the last installment in the saga about the raiders of the northeast. Yssam Raider was not militarily focused like VENGEANCE is. Back then we tried to build a social kingdom based on tolerance, friendship and giving everyone a home. We're not so concerned with that now because we feel the current state of the community has deteriorated so much that it would be absolutely impossible to build anything without having bored assholes try to tear it down every day.

That's why we've decided to rebel and build a force that will punish those who think they can get away unchallenged with their egotistic behaviour. These motherfucking bastards think they can hold down the people of Darkfall with their highly developed characters and their cockroaching. They think they can control the state of affairs and maintain a disgusting status quo where THEY have the best land, meanwhile good people who deserve a piece of the cake are left to pick at the leftovers. This is UNACCEPTABLE because ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!


Clan Details:

  • Clan rank reflects your active role in combat and clan so you can specialize.

  • Democracy polls so you can be part of decision making and help steer the guild how you want.

  • Nice custom painted & advanced clan forum with shop and money system where attending clan events and posting gives money. You can also achieve awards/medals that show every time you post.

  • Graphical storyline collage with "ages" that illustrates the global focus of the clan and documents unique events on a large image.

  • Voluntary mentor system for experienced players to pass on knowledge and train an apprentice for upwards 3 weeks.

  • Angry and aggressively righteous guerilla warfare gameplay with a goal and an enemy!


Recruitment requirements:

  • Voice required for our Ventrillo. Exceptions can be made.

  • Registration and active use of our clan forum.

  • Moderate activity in game.

  • You have to believe in the purpose of aggressive guerilla warfare as part of a cure for the disease that has infested Darkfall today.


Limited recruitment:

In addition to our core we're recruiting (currently: 10) players for the clan at first because we go for quality and members who really want to be part of the next installment in the saga about the Raiders of the Northeast!

I review every application carefully, so send me a forum PM where you tell me a bit about yourself, your history and why you want to be a part of this clan project and support us. Finally, my website is

Recruitment status: 


  • OnigodOnigod Noord-HollandPosts: 756Member Uncommon

    This obviously needs a bump

  • adderVXIadderVXI st cloud, MNPosts: 672Member Uncommon

    This sorta makes me want to resub...

    Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

    George Washington

  • NefastusNefastus Long Beach, CAPosts: 71Member

    Failah Faily, racist asshole, neo nazi, retard and the biggest failure Darkfall has ever witnessed.

    Nefastus - Enclave

  • DexterMMODexterMMO Houston, TXPosts: 484Member

    Originally posted by Nefastus

    Failah Faily, racist asshole, neo nazi, retard and the biggest failure Darkfall has ever witnessed.

    When I read this all I got was a long role play. Nice grave Dig though.

    Everything I say is my opinion or personal preference. You may or may not find it useful to your cause but regardless I am entitled to it.

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