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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: The Verminous Horde Arrives Today

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 21,764 Epic

Bioware Mythic developers have announced that Warhammer Online servers will be brought down at 7:30 a.m. EST for approximately five hours to bring the v1.4 patch and the Verminous Horde RvR pack online.

Play as Skaven!

The Skaven have entered the field of battle! Players now have the ability to take control of a Skaven Unit within the RvR Lakes to wreck havoc on the enemy forces! Whether it’s the stealthy Gutter Runner or the Hulking Rat Ogre, these new combatants are sure to add a new dynamic to the never ending fight of WAR!
Thanquol's Incursion
Thanquol’s Incursion has begun! Players will find Skaven Incursions taking place at random intervals during the normal ORvR Campaign. Those brave, and experienced enough may choose to venture into the depths of Thanquol’s underground lair where they will face off not only against deadly Skaven assailants, but also the enemy Realm!

Read the full overview of Warhammer Online and the Verminous Horde.



  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOMember Posts: 3,729 Uncommon

    New content - it's been a while.

    This should be pretty interesting.

    Hell hath no fury like an MMORPG player scorned.

  • WarbsWarbs ManchesterMember Posts: 245
  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 1,221 Uncommon

    I give them credit, smart change on making the range of T1 to T3 larger and especially making T3 last till 39.  Now if people want they can wait till 40 before T4, where they will still be well behind 40/80 but at least they will stand a lot more chance than a 32/32 who dies the second any 40/80 looks at them funny :P

    Still not sure I can get my mind around the complete butchering of the Skaven though.  Also I think it was pretty damn greedy of them to make the barber cost money right out of the gate, they should have given ever character 1 free token.

  • mjkittredgemjkittredge Nashua, NHMember Posts: 126

    Will this patch have the ORVR changes or is that coming later?

  • elf-hitenelf-hiten leverkusenMember Posts: 5

    ill give it a try and will play for a while again ^^

  • the_stickmanthe_stickman Taylors, SCMember Posts: 34 Uncommon

    Ruined the game for me completely. I loved Warhammer too. :(

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHMember Posts: 7,873 Rare

    I just wish they would fix what I consider the overpowered crowd control.  It just spoils the pvp fun for me.

  • willvaswillvas Joliet, ILMember Posts: 137

    1. they do give you a token they give you more then 1 when you buy the xpack...


    2. for the crowd control.. they had fixed this LONG ago... ALL CC is lumped on to TWO immunity timers... making CC more strategic and less spamming... or you will constantly see IMMUNE above the peoples heads...

    little do most know how much this game changed... the ORVR had a total change and the game is just more action and more fun now. 


    skaven are not really skaven... basically you are summoning it... they also have bombers which are a LOT of fun to do. 

  • LeucentLeucent Penticton, BCMember Posts: 2,371

    Originally posted by the_stickman

    Ruined the game for me completely. I loved Warhammer too. :(

     Interesting. I too love warhammer, but even more now. I have old guildies returning and they all love the changes. Waithammer is long gone, non stop action is almost always now. Only thing needing changed a bit is city sieges need to be less frequent. Rumor is, fortresses are coming back in a less laggy way.

  • astoriaastoria Silver Spring, MDMember Posts: 1,681

    Originally posted by mjkittredge

    Will this patch have the ORVR changes or is that coming later?

     Already live.

    "Never met a pack of humans that were any different. Look at the idiots that get elected every couple of years. You really consider those guys more mature than us? The only difference between us and them is, when they gank some noobs and take their stuff, the noobs actually die." - Madimorga

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