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Someone update ifos about that game here!

ivan1227ivan1227 qwertyPosts: 2Member

Hi everyone,

I see anybody updates infos about that game, but that great game still work and its still created!

"Status:Final  (rel 2004)" - what? Final version in 2004? No way! That was just beta v1.2.  Final version of Rhynn will be released in next year (v 1.4).. Right now there is 1.4.04 pre-alpha verson, but its only for tests, and its still updated. 

More info:

Actual playable version of game is beta 1.3.7. Many people still play that game atm. But on this site last news is about old dosnt exist anymore version 1.2.. Update infos here pls.

Everyone interessted in that game go to official community site and post here, dont let that game die.  Its one of the best mobile games ever- and its only beta right now!



I saw that game have PVP status: "Unknown". That game have PvP system. :)

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