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Beta Testers Wanted

StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOPosts: 1,680Member Rare

First off, grats to WAC for getting listed on!


For those interrested in participating in the Beta of Wizards and Champions, the developers and current beta participants (like myself) are seeking more testers to help make this game even better. First thing you need to do is drop by the forums:


Second, you need to register an account on the forums. Once you have a forum account, you'll have access to the client download thread. While the client is downloading and installing, it's a good idea to read the new player guide. The guide has some very usefull information on basic gamplay, as well as races, classes and dungeons. The link for downloading the client is also at the top of the guide.


Once you have the client installed, you need to create your game account (you cannot log in with your forum account, the two accounts, game and forum, are completely separate). There is no beta key needed, anyone who takes the time to download the game, and create an account, can participate. To create your account, you only need to press the 'New Account' button, fill in your desired account name, and password. Once your game account is created, press the 'Enter World' button, fill in your account information, and begin the patching process.


Once the client is fully patched, and restarted, you can enter the game. Select the server (there is only one at the moment), and then create your character. After creating your character you must select it to enter the game. To select your character, you must first click your character in the top window, then hit the 'Select' button (the selected character will show up in the bottom window). You can then press the 'Enter World' button to enter the game.


Voila, you are now standing in Stromhold (the lobby), and are ready to begin your testing adventure! Anyone who is on should be in the World channel. To get in the world channel, type /w 'your message' (without the quotes), after that everything you type will be to the world channel, you don't need to put /w before everything you type. Typing /who will give you a list of everyone who's online.


See you in-game!

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