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LEGO Universe: New Zones Created by Fans

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The LEGO Universe team has announced the addition of three brand new zones created by the World Builder League, a group of fans dedicated to the game. The new zones include wintry Deep Freeze, space-themed Moonbase and fantasy zone Portabello.

To check out the World Build League zones, players should first visit Starbase 3001, located just past the Brick Annex in Nimbus Station, near the entrance to Pet Cove. In Starbase 3001, you can snag some new models and meet futuristic robots, before hopping on the launch pad and flying to your World Builder League destination of choice: DeepFreeze, MoonBase or Portabello.

Find out more about LEGO Universe here.



  • Justley3Justley3 Dauphin, PAPosts: 48Member

    Nice to see they are player built. But only 2 questers per basically when you are done in 5-10minutes and no other real reason to come back, asideof the starship for models.


    These zones are merely 1/1000th of the size and things to do then the others, which is understandable but we need mroe content to come to make the game worth subscribing.


  • sirsammy33sirsammy33 richwood, OHPosts: 64Member

    intersting idea minds me of other soical games i played

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