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Looking for Long Term Guild

Skatty2007Skatty2007 Minneapolis, MNPosts: 231Member


I'm looking for a guild. I've been playing FE as a secondary MMO for the past couple of months. I'm am prepared to play FE as my primary MMO if I can find a community that is open to equality as my previous MMO guild used to be. The following states what I am looking for in a guild and what I have to offer:

Who I am:

I live in Central Standard Time zone. I would need to be part of a guild that generally resides out of the USA. I have a 8-5 office job, but I live alone and I am available most days of the week. I get off of work on average 6pm CST depending on my workload for the day. I currently spend 2-3 night a week in FE, but I am leaving my primary MMO to persue FE as my primary MMO if the opportunity arises. My main is my first character I created, a level 30 riflecrafter. My current crafting skills at the time of this post is (max crafing skill :120):

Armorcraft: 120

Ballistics: 117

Construction: 11

Cooking: 99

Geology: 118

Medicine: 105

Mutagenics: 93

Nature: 120

Scavenging: 120

Science: 120

Weaponry: 62


I max out my Dex, Int, End, Per, Rifle every level. I have 723 total AP at level 30, and have 85 AP unused as to properly use them when the crafting opportunity comes.

Why I am submitting myself to a larger community:

For the past year and a half, I committed myself to a community that prides itself in equality and fairness to everyone in the guild. Even if it meant hampering the progression to successful raids, everyone was welcome to the experience. However, in the past couple of months, this philosophy has taken a back seat to progression at all costs. The general populous, that used to be a valuable commodity, has since been regulated to "only if we need you" mentality. That is not the mentality of the guild that I joined. Every member of a community is invaluable or the community is comprised in some fashion. I wish to become a part of a community again that holds those principles.

I wish to be part of this type of community again that thinks that way. Hence, my post in this forum. My name is Zanzamanz. Feel free to to send me a tell in game or respond to me thru mmorpg.

Thanks for your time.

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