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US Expansion Sale 50% off, 11/11

RocketeerRocketeer Posts: 1,303Member Uncommon

This would be a really good time to buy your SoM expansion, MoM is still better bought at retail but you may not have a chance for that if you want to take advantage of the sale. Why it is a good time? Because in the november update Lothlorien will be decoupled from the moria expansion, we do not know yet wether or not this will affect boxed versions or not.

Keep in mind that SoM requires MoM to be bought. Also this is US only, but it stands to reason EU will get a similar sale in the furture(which might or might not contain Lothlorien depending on wether it happens after or before the november upgrade).


P.S.: If you do not see the sale, it was 11/11(Veterans Day) only. Its a good idea to check the LotRO store around any holidays.


  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Yahoo, COPosts: 4,990Member

    Hehe...yeah, I was just about to post this.  Great time to pick up those expansions if you have the points for them.

    1. For god's sake mmo gamers, enough with the analogies. They're unnecessary and your comparisons are terrible, dissimilar, and illogical.

    2. To posters feeling the need to state how f2p really isn't f2p: Players understand the concept. You aren't privy to some secret the rest are missing. You're embarrassing yourself.

    3. Yes, Cpt. Obvious, we're not industry experts. Now run along and let the big people use the forums for their purpose.

  • PhelimReaghPhelimReagh New York, NYPosts: 664Member Uncommon

    Yeah, the sale was for something less than 1,300 points. Having purchased my points at some big sale of like 7K points for $50, this means the MoM expansion set me back less than $10.


    Damn these Turbine folks. They keep finding more ways to get my points/money.

  • lordzelmanlordzelman atlanta, GAPosts: 124Member

    but whats endgame like? i have a 60...

  • RocketeerRocketeer Posts: 1,303Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by lordzelman

    but whats endgame like? i have a 60...

    Mostly raiding or PvMP.

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