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Message from Turkish Metin2 player

veleciraptorveleciraptor GiresunPosts: 2Member

First, i must say my English is not so good.

I have played Metin2 near 8 months (Mirage Sura). At the beginning the game was good. Beacuse it was free to play. But then it started to boring me. Because everyday you are doing the same thing. Everywhere was full of automated bots that were collecting yangs. 2 automated bots for 1 real player :))

And with every patch everthing gone worse. For example with the last patch so much player lost their valuable items in their inventory. Players send tickets to the GAMEFORGE (Distributor of Metin2 in Euope) but nothing changed. You can't guess the bugs in the game. Also before this patch so much player lose the reward coming from biologist mission, which is one of the most important things in the game. They wrote but nothing changed too.

And they say the game is free to play. Yes playing is free but the item mall is maybe the most expensive item mall in the game. In 8 months i spend near 800 USD to item mall. This is a little count for Metin2 players. If you want to be one of the top players you must spend much more. My warrior friend, who is playing more than 1 year spend approximately 3.000 USD. After all some peoples who are using the Metin2 bugs stole his account. There is so much bug in game. This page not enough to write all of them.

Most of the Metin2 players in the world is Turkish players. We have 45 servers and 180 channels. But nowadays so much people give up Metin2. Because they have no hope for bug fixes and they don't want to pay more for this game. I don't want to say about game graphics, sounds, skill but if you played Commander Keen or Wolfenstein you can guess the graphics.

If you haven't started yet or if you aren't rich as Bill Gates don't start Metin2. Play Aion, WoW etc...  14.99 USD montly fee for WoW, 3000 USD for 1 year playing Metin2. Choice is yours.


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