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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: ORvR Campaign Testing This Week

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The Warhammer Online team has announced that it is sponsoring events on the public test server on Tuesday, November 9th and Wednesday, November 10th. The tests are to ORvR Campaign changes with a surprise: Renown Rank 100 Templates complete with all new armor sets.

We'll be starting at 8:00 PM EDT/02.00 CET this Tuesday, November 9th, with a follow up, EU friendly test on Wednesday, November 10th at 3:00 PM EDT/21.00 CET. So come on out and help us put ORvR through it's paces, play some Skaven, ride some Aeeerrriaaaaal Bombeeeeeerrrrs and preview the all new Warpforged armor sets!

Find out about installing "Warpstone", the Public Test Server, here.



  • RudedawgCDNRudedawgCDN Vancouver, BCPosts: 494Member Uncommon

    So after being out for 2 - 3 years their finally going to make ORVR interesting? Because I quit out of shear boredom.

  • thanoskkkthanoskkk AthensPosts: 229Member Uncommon

    they always try to make the game better, this is not the 1st time they change Orvr.  Im trying war again for sure.

    He that lives upon Hope dies farting.

  • WaizerWaizer BarryPosts: 125Member

    I had a lot of fun before in war in orvr... probably one of the best takes on pvp/rvr combat i've ever played but it was lacking something. Tempted to give it another go and see if these new changes have given the game what it was lacking before

  • PilnkplonkPilnkplonk zagrebPosts: 1,532Member

    The new ORvR concepts seem promising.. if they only gave that much good old wargame design thought into it at the beginning... Really the way original ORvR was designed at the overall, strategic level I thought "omfg, those people never even played a game of RISK ffs!"

    I like the gist of it atm - battle over resources, variable objectives depending on the strategic situation, moving objectives (resource carriers), no more bashing the door...  and, most importantly now there is finally a reason to SPLIT THE ZERG since you need to be all over the map in order to push forward. If they thought like that from the beginning they would have avoided the majority of so called "technical" issues (read lag) which were terribly aggravated by the dreadful game design which required all the players in a zone to congregate at one spot..

  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by thanoskkk

    they always try to make the game better, this is not the 1st time they change Orvr.  Im trying war again for sure.

    Lol, wicked, but alas I felt quite the same.

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  • mjkittredgemjkittredge Nashua, NHPosts: 126Member

    This is a much welcome change after all the dull BO humping we've had to endure for those precious RVR influence points. We'll see how the new stuff goes, but I have a feeling they've really gotten it right this time.

    I also like how the price on siege weapons came down to reasonable levels. Now instead of something really rare to see in lower tiers (purchased by people who were loaded from buying gold probably, the same ones who had shoulders and helmet and cape in tier 1), you often see both siegers and defenders setting up cannons and whatnot, adds a very interesting extra dimension that should have been there all along. I love getting up in the really high tower and blasting away at crowds with impunity. Just wish there was more of a graphical effect to make it extra satisfying.

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