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Seeking guild on Tyranny...

WSIMikeWSIMike Catskill, NYPosts: 5,564Member


Returning but still new-ish Aoc player here seeking a guild on Tyranny.

Have a level 5 Assassin and a level 5 Conqueror at the moment (seeing which I like better), but am looking to join a group o' cool folks who are active, helpful and as un ego-inflated as possible :).

As I can't send tells in game yet (still on trial account 'til at least later this week), I wouldn't be able to contact anyone in-game personally. My character names are Shahda and Shanree.. I'll likely mostly be on Shahda for the time being.

If you're recruiting and would like to talk to me, best bet is probably to send me a PM here. I prefer that as well, as I really don't like blind guild (or party for that matter) invites.


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