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Frogster rated C in the BBB

coyotez28coyotez28 somewhere, MIPosts: 10Member

I recently came across this website:


Apparently people have complained about frogster and one of the complaints was never addressed by the company.

Feel free to see the areas where people have problem with this company.



  • mmogawdmmogawd some city, CAPosts: 732Member

    one complaint was ignored?  one?

    doesn't sound that unreasonable to me...

    same goes for the other item they were dinged for...

    sounds like the BBB bullying companies into complying with their every whim

  • coyotez28coyotez28 somewhere, MIPosts: 10Member

    As of 1.12.12 there has been 69 complaints about the level of service Frogster offers in Runes of Magic.


    Of the 69 there was 32 people not satisfied with the business response and 6 complaints were ignored bu Frogster to the complaint and the BBB.


    If you have seen the boards lately. Many people are pissed off with the money they spent and have not received items since December.


    Some people are not getting any response from support for almost a month. That is unacceptable.  I also see that somoene tried to post on the forums about the BBB site to file a complaint and Frogster killed the thread and banned that person.


    Frogster has dropped to a D rating and if a bulk of complaints come in there could be government action taken against the organization.

  • DLangleyDLangley Beaumont, TXPosts: 1,407Member

    Please do not necro post in old threads.

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