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Interview with J,Belliss by DeadPixel

YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

The part about FW starts around 0:30

Most of stuff that is already known (like how server progression works, guild fortress customization, etc), some new stuff(like the fact that CB1 will be really exclusive and limited and CB2 will be the bigger one or that god system depends on very random things). There's also a bit of non-fw discussion about failed mmorpg, games, overall stuff and randomness.

Interesting Tidbits:

//Closed Betas//
- CB1 will have VERY limited audience, that will get to test the game together with the internal testing team of PWE
- CB1 Focus is low-mid content of the game.
- One of the most important things to be tested out for bugs and playability during CB1 is the Server Progression System.

//Game Content -Gods//
- Divinity system will have unknown limited periods of being a god.
- There are 10 "types" of gods with according sets of powers.
- No explanation yet on how the follower-system or personal-god-realms work.

//Game Content -Guilds//
- Guilds have various options opening up to them through their progress(not from interview: stuff like designing guild uniforms, emblems, special skills).
- Guilds can have their own Fortresses, customize them, build in them stuff that adds or changes features and war by using those fortresses.
- There is open-world guild wars system in place too.

//Game Content -Social Stuff//
- Marriage system is there alongside a bit more of that stuff than in PWE's previous titles. NO same-sex marriage yet tho as china-parent-company feels its way too sensitive and conflicting to add.
- Systems to prevent in-game harassment.

//Game Content -PVP//
- Cross-Server PVP is in there. No info is released, but the feature is there(not from interview: china server is planned to get a basic version of it few months in open beta).
- Open PVP is possible.

//Game Content -Game Mechanics//
- Talks about about the engine used for PWE games not being supported in MAC, but there's a possibility of it being adapted to it in future(not from interview: considering china-pwe is currently shifting its attention to consoles and non-windows based systems, that possibility is
bigger than it sounds).
- Talks about endgame. Mostly focused on PVP, Guild Wars, Server Progression.
- FW will have two servers at start, with Europe server added at the open beta.
- Talks about game not being centered on level or grinding and more centered on content itself.
- Says that the game is unlikely to get the level cap to "100+" any time soon.
- Kiting is available tactics in both pvp and pve.
- Bard is "advanced" class and harder to play.
- The main quest lines can be soloed, but a LOT of the game is group based.
- The Variety of Dungeons ranging from dreams to having depend a boat while en-route to somewhere, from pirates.
- Dungeons and Raids play a huge role in the game.
- Dynamic Dungeon System - Dungeons adjust their difficulty and play depending on the players that take up them.
- Character Creation is deeper than usual PWE games, but less complex than PWI. (
- Spamming pots is impossible.
- Spamming skills does not exactly work.
- Most of the classes do not follow the usual archetypes or have some twists.
- Pet System reminiscent of pokemon...on crack. More complex than other PWE games.
- The first FW Expansion is already planned out and is worked upon by china-FW team of 300 people.

//Game Content-Server Progression System//
- Confirms that server progression system exists.
- Various variables (quests and the things you chose in theme, monsters and bosses dead, certain dailies done, faction reputation, pvp, pve, etc) affect on how the server changes through the ages.
- As server changes, new quests can be unlocked.
- As server changes, new features can be unlocked.
- The influence of the player in the world is huge ranging from visual style of the game to entire maps changing.
- The biggest difference focus is quests and lore, followed by gameplay and features.
- Due to this system and various variables, EACH server will be unique to itself and play and look differently. Each server will be different in terms of visuals, features, quest lines, etc.

//Game Content - Artificial Intelligence//
- Admits that most of PWE games have not been challenging in terms of pve.
- Most of monsters will have different tactics and fight styles.
- The usual tank/dps/heal/nuke mechanics might work to a point, but that won't get you too far (not from interview: already seen in CN closed beta, that certain bosses and monsters like to change their "rules", like for instead going after a healer or trying to kill those with lowest health or just plainly running away, while swarming party with monsters)

//Miscellaneous NON-FW Stuff//
- Talks about most of new mmos failing. Main reason being that they try to compete with WoW and steal people from the same target group. Lists wider accessibility o f2p games as reason on why there are more p2p mmos that went down in last few years than f2p,
- Talks about the market prices of f2p games being influenced by rmt. Talks on how its actually hard to even try to control those kinds of progresses without making the in game economy blow up even faster than it does because of rmt.
- Scratches a bit on China issues of games.


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