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I am somehow playing on a premium account for free.

ExavusExavus Kenai, AKPosts: 200Member

I bought the game back in 07, downloaded it just now to play again for free and it shows I can play for free or premium under my account listings, so I clicked premium and it went into the game to character creation. Now i'm playing without restriction it seems. I am really confused.

Current MMO: WoW/GW2


  • trancejeremytrancejeremy St. Louis, MOPosts: 1,222Member Uncommon

    Well, yeah, you bought the game so you are premium.

    Premium is the middle tier, for those that aren't subscribing but have spent money on the game in some form or another, including subbing or having bought the game at some point in time.

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  • ExavusExavus Kenai, AKPosts: 200Member

    Oh okay. Thanks for the info.

    Current MMO: WoW/GW2

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