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Surprisingly fun!

WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

Wasn't honestly expecting to like this game, given it's like an bullet hell/arcade shooter. Kind of refreshing to take a break from the standard rpg format I suppose.

Character creation is the only thing that really bugged me, you've got 4 basic archtypes  with 3 classes to choose from each (12 total), and later switch between those 3, which is all well and good, but theirs literally no customizing your look and classes are gender locked.

Gameplay though is pretty exciting, and I like the stage advancement style of the missions. I hear the game gets pretty hard the further you get, and though i've just started it does feel pretty challenging for now. If you like bullet hell games like the Touhou series i'd say give this game a shot.



  • AizonesbribaAizonesbriba RomiraPosts: 10Member

    Valkyrie Sky is a remake of the classic shooter for the MMO world. If you like classic arcade games, Valkyrie Sky is probably a good game for you. Unfortunately, the pointless stamina system is there for pure annoyance and forces players to take up one of the pointless professions in game or you can find someone to leech off of since plenty of people play music for free in towns. The tutorial is straight forward and good for new players to learn the basics. If you have friends to play with, this will be a great game, otherwise you might want to look elsewhere.

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