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Templum Assassinorum is recruiting throughout the Wasteland!

VandeviousVandevious Arlington, TNPosts: 3Member
Fellow Wastelanders,
Are you tired of traveling the wasteland alone... Falling prey to raiders or randomly formed gangs? Are you looking to become part oof something larger in either the wasteland or faction/guild skirmishes? Look no further than Templum Assassinorum, a guild of mature gamers looking to excel in pvp and pve... Our #1 rule is no drama! We're looling to fight hard, have fun but not ne anyone's babysitter. We employ a para-military guild structure which has proven to serve us well in both pvp and pve.

If this playstyle interests you, please contact one of our officers in game... Vandevious, Lognus, Korak.

Check out our website at:


  • stckmojostckmojo iowa, IAPosts: 61Member

    Bump for this guild.

    They are a great bunch of guys and have tons of experience pvping.

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