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Vindictus uses Pando Media Booster

GruntyGrunty TexasMember Posts: 7,725 Uncommon

Pando Media Booster is a peer to peer file sharing program.  It will essentially take over your upload capacity sharing the Vindictus files with other people downloading the game.

Be sure to uninstall/shutdown PMB.exe once you have finished the game download and setup. That is unless you want your internet connection controlled by Pando.



  • KabaalKabaal Edinburgh, ScotlandMember Posts: 3,039 Uncommon

    Or alternatively you could download the game the manual way and have nothing to do with Pando. i downloaded the client that way yesterday and just used DownloadThemAll Firefox manager, it came in at around 6000KB/s.


    I agree though, Pando is a pain the ass program.

  • TazlorTazlor NYC, NYMember Posts: 864

    it seems like a lot of games use it now.  DDO, LOTRO, Allods, League of Legends and maybe a few more.  well, that's not a lot but still.

  • bronecarbronecar onestiMember Posts: 685
  • ZorlofeZorlofe TXMember Posts: 190 Uncommon

    Yeah, I just downloaded it manually also and didn't have to deal with that and the speeds were good too so I suggest going that route.

  • GruntyGrunty TexasMember Posts: 7,725 Uncommon

    Previous games also used PMB for their patches. After you get a patch to the game make sure that PMB.exe is not running again..

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