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Sigmastorm, Fallenswords other game

McCraggeMcCragge Vancouver, WAPosts: 31Member

I have come across tons of reviews of Fallen Sword, and most if not all are pretty much the same thing you guys are saying here. But, I came across their other game Sigmastorm 2.

Over all it seems like the exact same game except that it is sci fi rather then fantasy. But not many reviews have surfaced. Since it is owned by the same people, should I expect pretty much the samething as Fallen Sword?




  • silverfliersilverflier AmsterdamPosts: 2Member

    Thanks to your msg I have begun to play the game. I think it is in many ways the same as fallen Sword, although it seems to have a higher level in the sense that it is not so easy to repair your gear and such. In this case you have to go within your world to a place to repair instead of left under actions. But I can't really say much. I am still enjoying Fallen sword, although I do not like the Pvp stuff to much. As for Sigmastorm, well let's see after playing a while. In general I think that those who already play fallen sword will find it easy to begin and find their way around.

  • oldestgameroldestgamer Glendale, AZPosts: 4Member

    SigmaStorm has been officially dropped by Hunted Cow.

    FallenSword is in a decline and has fewer players every day.

    Hunted Cow Studios just does not seem to know how to keep people playing their games long-term, and the game design makes it impossible for any but the spendiest new players to compete against the few long-term players that stick arund, many of whom seem to do so just so they can kick the snot out of newbies.  Plus many established players cheat a lot, using scripts and illegal multiple accounts.

    They are not really free games, you need to pay to enjoy them because you start out with a character so lame that you spend all your time banging your head against the tiny stamina and backpack space you start with.  Think hard before you throw yourself in as fresh meat for the grinder.  Read the complaints int he FS forums that have not been deleted by Hunted Cow, and then imagine what the complaintrs that they did delete were like!


  • BegaMyPardonBegaMyPardon McLean, VAPosts: 6Member

    The PvP in Fallen Sword is set up in a somewhat sadistic way.  So much so, that the game placed a moratorium on new players.  Not enough though, as players continue to get attacked.  Would be OK is there was a fair chance to defend yourself, but the basic enhancements that could offer protection, are about 1/2 the strength of standard gear enchancements.  If you cannot foord to equip with complete and desired gear sets, you have no chance to compete, or defend, in the PvP aspect of the game.

    There is a Bounty system, but it is not effective against PvPers as they can lose many levels without penalty and easilty regain those levels.  If you hit the player back, you are subject to being bountied -- something that will happen so that player's friends can gang up on you.

    Some other MMOROG games have it right -- you have to opt in to be involved with PvP.  The Falle Sword population has been shrinking for  a long time and now have only maybe between 500 to 1000 online at any given time. 

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