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system specs

WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,925Member Epic

For those wondering the specs are actually kind of low,a lot lower than originally what people needed.My system was suppose to barley run the game,but it ran decent albeit a bit jerky.

I didn't notice any of that mouse lag and even more odd was the send/receive pings,they were either really low[North American servers]or the lag was so bad it was showing low readings/pings.Mygame was showing pings around 30-60,i don't get pings like that unless the server is east coast or real close by.

I would say try to turn off shadows for sure if you are struggling to run the game,but i only have a 6200 with a GTS vid card and i really did not have any real issues.I also remained in window mode which usually causes more lag but like i said i really had no problems.

There is a catch ,i never really ventured outside but it seems the game has everything in instances and graphics are rendered to lower quality at short distances,you only really see his res textures when NPC are right up close.

Most people now a days have my 6200 and GTS video card beat,so i wouldn't rush out and buy some super system just for this game,it is not worth it imo,you should be able to play it fine with an average system.

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