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ftp content lvl chart

bhugbhug earth, FLMember Posts: 918 Uncommon

from ltro.mmorsel a nice content lvl chart for ftp release on 10 Sept, 2010.

turbine point finder walk through.

nice reference site for LotRO, allakhazam



  • PapadamPapadam Tampa bay, FLMember Posts: 2,102

    Wow that is an awesome site, thanks for posting it!

    I love the TP finder.

    /reported for sticky :)

    If WoW = The Beatles
    and WAR = Led Zeppelin
    Then LotrO = Pink Floyd

  • lekittenlekitten Surprise, AZMember Posts: 14 Common
    I realize this is an old post, but I just wanted to thank you for the link. :D
  • devildog19devildog19 Portland, CAMember Posts: 1
    This is great information, thank you sir!
  • BethelsBoyBethelsBoy Member Posts: 232 Uncommon
    Dang makes me want to pick it back up


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