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Jade Dynasty's Newest Expansion Vengence Goes Live Today!

CatInBootsCatInBoots Staunton, VAPosts: 30Member

The Vengence Expansion is set to go live TODAY! With it comes a bunch of exciting new stuff. 2 New races, new quests, Territory Wars, Low Bid Auction House, New world bosses and More!


For More Information check out:


Remember if you creating a new account or a new character on a new account then make sure you use an Inductor ID BEFORE you create your character to get a free gift box which gives you all kinds of awesome goodies!


if you havent created a new character yet, you can now enter in this special ID when you create your first character on the account on the East Coast Billows Server:




You will receive a special Broacade Box which you can open every 5 levels to receive beneficial items! Some of these items include free mounts, espers, potions, armor, weapons and other great things that you really need while you play, and it's all for free.


Just put in this number where it says Inductor ID when you are creating your first character:


If you don't use the Induction ID you will NOT receive the brocade box and all the free goodies!

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