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Where can I buy MMORPG Games outside their website?

AdvancedTechAdvancedTech New York, NYPosts: 165Member Uncommon

Hey guys I'm looking to be able to buy some P2P games, although I really don't want to spend the 50$ most of them want, if I don't like the game I'm out 50$, I mainly want to try Champions Online, I've heard of people being able to buy a copy for like 3-5$ and get a full month of game time free, that's pretty much what I'm looking for.




  • SynthetickSynthetick Portland, ORPosts: 977Member

    Most titles come down drastically in price over time, and as such, most P2P MMOs aren't sporting a price tag of $50.

    There's various sites to purchase the games digitally at. Most of the titles can be bought on their official site, Steam does a lot of sales over various titles, including MMOs. Champions Online is pretty cheap on Steam, too. 

    Direct2Drive is another option, but my experience with them is horrible while trying to download my product. Plenty of other sites around, too, just gotta search for 'em. I try to use Steam for all my online purchases, if allowed.

    The free month of gameplay is typically included when creating a new account with any P2P MMO.


  • XxjagoxXXxjagoxX Stow Ohio, OHPosts: 148Member



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