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Not so Perfectworld

spafonspafon Winona, MNPosts: 54Member Uncommon

I started playing a cool game a few weeks ago called Jade Dynasty by Perfectworld Entertainment.  I liked the game and decided to spend a little and do a few offers for premiums to develope a character.  They have an ingame currency called Zen.  100 zen =$1.  I figured that spending $40 and doing enough offers for about 6k Zen I could get a good character going.  They make you pay real money , although the game is free, for storage of items.  Without adequate storage it is impossible to play the game in any effective way.  when I was spending cash all was good.  When it came time for them to honor the Offerpal premiums for doing offers that is another matter.  I joined Book of the month Club and Columbia DVD club and should have recieved around 2800 Zen,  No Zen shows up so I follow the instruction on the website and contact  Offerpal and provide proof of completeion.  I am told the problem will be resolved in 1-4 days.  15 days go by and nothing.  I try to contact Perfectworld but the only way to contact them is through a webform.  They failed to respond, they failed to respond to posts in the forums, the only phone number I could find is an answering machine.  Finally I called Offerpal and they said my offers had been verified and that Perfestworld was where the problem of payment lie.  As a last resort I went to Paypal, how I paid them, and requested a refund because they failed to honor the offers and that the $40 was wasted without the addition of the earned premiums.  Paypal asked that we try to resolve the dispute and when Perfectworld recieved my Paypal complaint instead of honoring their obligation of the offers they promptly banned me from the game and the forums.  Paypal actually refunded the $40 and advised me to file a complaint for wirefraud with the FBI's white collar crime division and they told me they were doing the same.   

Perfectworld is an asia-based entertainment company with several online games.  Asia companies are notorious for treating their customers like crap with the solution to all their problemsw the same one they did for me.  Ban the account and have the final say right or wrong.  Only because I would not give up did I get some satisfaction from Paypal.  So basically two things can be learned from this.

Never have any dealing with an online endevor that provides no personal contact.  This means they are either understaffed or dishonest or both.

Never let a gaming company get away with using a ban as a final solution to a problem if they are wrong.  There is always some way to get a solution.  Im my case they comitted fraud by selling me virtual items and services and then banning in retaliation for me raising the issue of them failing to fullfill their agreements on line.

I reccomend that everyone be very wary of spending money or doing offers with this company, Perfectworld Entertainment



  • junkroomjunkroom BrisbanePosts: 82Member

    Dayum~~ I dislike company that doesn't respond, it's very bad customer service :(

  • Wand3r3rWand3r3r Albuquerque, NMPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    just read about it, wether the complain is true or not, why there is no answer from the publisher? they don't have staff that read about game news? especially about their own games in website like this?

    well maybe they just don't care about good or bad promotion...

  • mickeykikohmickeykikoh AHwaksre, ARPosts: 29Member

    perfect world and jade was the same as Oriental theme... but i like to try this too :D I jsut tried PW

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