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Truth about FS

arichey22arichey22 Austin, TXPosts: 1Member

If you can Donate would you.  60$ for 480fsp It wont even last you a month Lucky a week. It will not get you very far in the game. I mean its pretty expensive to play this game. WOW is much cheaper by far.

It is very Political. The Staff of this game supports higher level players of the game, The higher level players of this game own the lower level players of this game. In reality the rip off the lower levels that play. By charging them and taking The actual Dollars that you donated to the game. By Personal use or even equipment that you buy.

Then, There is The higher level Ring of Guilds in this game that have truse or Packs against one another that if you dare attack them and take control of what they own. They will attack your guild and set you back to destroy your guild.

The FS staff lets this go on cause they believe that if it wasn't for them the game would not exist. So They don't do anything.

Security of this game is horrible. There are a lot of Hackers or the sort that builds scripts that attach to game without the consent of FS staff.  These scripts go and learn the letters and numbers to your password to hack your account or the guilds.

Security also on the game is. If you get hacked very little support to help you. Cause FS staff are like members in Heaven saying oh well deal with it. Your lose until you have to sit and fight for what you lose by these scripts that they are doing nothing about.

They only have one security password Setup in the game. So once a hacker gets passed your personal security there is no way you can stop them. Especially if you invested in your guild. Hundreds or Thousands of Personal dollars to the game. A player will wipe it clean and sell off everything you owned, Kick out every player and take anything that the guild ever has invested.

Now Security and Higher level players. Well Higher level players Have multiaccounts, Going around doing PVP on other Players or having Personal Guilds that do GVG's that have Multiple IP's so they don't get caught in breaking fs Rules.

FS Rules - They will remove you without notice there choice. They do not Care how long you been playing or do not consider how much money you have placed into the game. Its there Choice.

Also again IP's only 1 per person so don't let another family member on the computer to play with you. You may just get band.

Well Please the if you have more truth you want to add feel free.



  • MagickKarmaMagickKarma manchesterPosts: 3Member

    Thanks mate, you just saved me some money and more importantly, my precious time.


    Thank you.


    Karma Jack

  • truckdrifttruckdrift San Jose, CAPosts: 1Member

    Actually Fallen Sword is pretty awesome. The guy who posted this is just a cry baby.

  • OmHideoshiOmHideoshi Prague 3Posts: 2Member

    Well I play the FS for 1 year and I can tell I'm happy player.

    I did  donate some money to get some epic items, but that was from begging. Toda I make enough gold from playing to exchange it for FSP and buy what I need. It's not fast but it's working.


    Yeah the security is not high but I dont have any bad experience my self.

  • BigglesVIIBigglesVII LondonPosts: 4Member

    Fallen Sword is a great game and alot of what that guy said in the first post is untrue.

    Ok the in-game credits are on the expensive side for US players but there are ways of making them without even spending money. They have point rewards in place for doing surveys or buying stuff off sites through them, the latest addition being the video rewards are excellent I'm currently making a minimum of $5 worth of FSP per week just from these and it only takes a few minutes a day.

    Also he mentioned 480 FSP not lasting a month. If there not lasting that long then he must being playing the game wrong. I have decent gear for my level in the game and I only spend $5-10 per month. Combined with doing the video rewards I have $15-20 worth of FSP on me all the time. Merchanting is a good way of making in game credits aswell.

    The developers have recently been doing "Special Events" aswell so alot of the items in the game cost alot less than they used to.

  • oldestgameroldestgamer Glendale, AZPosts: 4Member

    Fallen Sword is dieing.  Every day, there are fewer and fewer players online.  Many players with years spent playing the game are quitting, and among the few hundred people who are "online," many just have their browsers set to reload the page when they are not there (for a variety of reasons, like buffing people automatically)   or are illegal "multi" accounts.  HC never deletes inactive players or dead guilds, so the numbers they give are wildly inflated.  They may do that to please their investors or advertisors.

    The game is tedious and full of sadists who enjoy driving other people out of the game.  The forums are dominated by these sadists and bullies, and the staff at Hunted Cow seem to favor them over all others.  For a new player this is especially bad, because new players have no chance at all against the established players.  Hunted Cow implemented a two-week Pvp-free time for new players because newbies were being gang-assaulted by organized PvP mobs and were quitting almost immediately.  Now they just quit after the two-week period of deception is over.  Customer support is run by some young woman with no clue who is easily manipulated into banning people from the game by the organized gangs that think they rule the game.  She is the most widely disliked person in the game, but she runs customer support - what does that tell you?

    The interface is poorly designed and as a result if you play via smartphone or other pay-per-bit service you will pay a fortune.  And you will never be a competitive player without high-speed internet, even though it is just a lame grid-based browser game with no animations except a few animated GIFs.  It is a text-based game in a graphic interface, completely outdated.  Hunted Cow released a anew interface but it is just new artwork over the same obsolete structure, and where they did try to improve the underlying code they introduced a lot of bugs.

    Hunted Cows recently announced that their other "big" game, SigmaStorm2, was no longer supported.  Fallen Sword is headed down the same road.  Read the Fallen Sword forums, much of this can be seen there if you read between the lines and figure out what was in the posts that are missing (you can see them in other people's posts as quotes some times and there are a LOT of missing posts!) 

    Invest your time and money elsewhere.


  • OmHideoshiOmHideoshi Prague 3Posts: 2Member



    what you writing down is very interesting. I'm actually playing the FS now for one year. It's true that the content is becomming boring and I'm not PvPing, but somehow I still like to play as I'm No. 3 at the Top List of my month.

    Where did you found that the SigmaStorm II is not anymore supported?

    And if you are looking for differnet web based online game, I'm working on this one:



  • PukeBucketPukeBucket Beaverton, ORPosts: 867Member

    Sounds good actually. Politics, people fighting wars, drama, and rage quit.

    I don't think I'd have looked at this game otherwise.


    I used to play MMOs like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • oldestgameroldestgamer Glendale, AZPosts: 4Member

    Originally posted by OmHideoshi

    what you writing down is very interesting. I'm actually playing the FS now for one year. It's true that the content is becomming boring and I'm not PvPing, but somehow I still like to play as I'm No. 3 at the Top List of my month.
    Where did you found that the SigmaStorm II is not anymore supported?

    Hunted Cow announced it in the Sigma Storm forums.

  • BegaMyPardonBegaMyPardon McLean, VAPosts: 6Member

    There is truth in the Posts concerning the badgering and bullying...just try to take a position on the in-game FS forums and you'll be pounded down hard by some very mean players.

    The game is fun, though, but it needs to -- has tried to -- evolve with the times.  But, as it tries to evolve -- based on much imput from the FS forum (in-game) -- there is so much resistance, that the intent is muddied by the the harsh criticism.

    True that new players get hounded quickly; true that there are never more than perhaps 1200 players online at any given time.

    Some complain that the PvP flavor of the game has been diluted, so many have quit.  Problem is, that although free-to-play, those that have succeeded greatly have the best gear and and a subset of them have taken advantage of those without. 

    It's a business, so I can't fault the creators for making the game so that you need to spend money somehow (either through donations or through product purchases, of which there are many uselful and desired products an serices (name brands -- FTD, NetFLix, etc.) -- to get the bes items.  However, you can earn the in-game currency by becoming skilled with in-game professions -- and make a lot of in-game currency doing so.

    So, the problem with FS is complicated, and can be and is, fun!  But you do have those who resist change and have made the changes come slow to the game.


  • BegaMyPardonBegaMyPardon McLean, VAPosts: 6Member

    Not sure the focus of the 480 FSP is coming from.  It may be from an option to "buy" protection, which is very expesive in terms of the in-game currency -- something FS needs to fix otherwise it quickly becomes cost prohibitive (in-game and real $$$ as well).

    1.) "The Staff of this game supports higher level players of the game "...very true, after all, those are the players spending the most $$$ to play! (You can donate $$, you can buy (very useful products that you may already buy -- Flowers, gifts, Netflix, etc.) and earn in-game currency that way.

    2.) Yes, there are guild "packs", or at least player packs that have learned to take advantage of the game rules.  But, it is a game -- make some friends and counter those groups!

    3.) I have never been arbitrarily banned, but I suppose it is possible.

    4.) Yes, there is constant talk about multi-accounts and no doubt it exists to some degree.


    The big problem with the FS game is that people forget it is a game, and comments can sway possible constructive changes tot he game.  The game needs to evolve as populations evolve, but it is caught between pleasing long-standing clientele and those newer to the game...  Cows, R U Listening?

  • Wolfie_SmithWolfie_Smith WellingtonPosts: 1Member

    The Original Posters assessment of FS was spot on.

    Just to clarify a point: the politics isn’t an in-game feature, it’s just the way it’s run by HCS, say one word against them or the way they run the game (or indeed allow it to be run) and your forum post will be immediately deleted and you will be threatened with a ban, account suspension or account deletion if you continue down the path you have just started.

    It is run with so much paranoia that it’s like living in the old USSR.

    Only the top guilds and their high level players are ever listened to (and these are NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, always the players who have “donated” (and I use that word in its widest sense) more cash to the game or should I say HCS) and HCS will bend over backwards to accommodate their whims.


    The game can be quite enjoyable but would be much better if everyone was allowed to have an equal say in things.

    If you post on the forum and it isn’t the views of the FS-fanboys then you will be shouted down in no uncertain terms and sometimes with the veiled threat that ingame reprisals could occur for daring to suggest anything they don’t like.

    So basically if you are not full of praise for the game and its overlords you are looked upon as a troublemaker who should just keep quiet or leave the game find something else to do.

    The basic policy is if you don’t agree then keep it to your self and don’t dare to put it on the forum.


    A good game ruined by HCS only ever listening to and acting on behalf of the elite few.


    Sorry it was a bit of a rant but myself and several friends been on the receiving end of all this on more than one occasion.




    Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

  • BegaMyPardonBegaMyPardon McLean, VAPosts: 6Member
    Just an update... I recently left Fallen Sword... at least for a prolonged hiatus.  The FS population continues to dwindle... I liked the guild chat feature where you can muck around with your fellow guildmates -- have some fun.  But the in game PvP remains lopsided, and, unlike some other MMORPGs, you cannot opt out of PvP for the most part -- you can be a victim anytime.  Never a "fair" fight...skewed terribly so to the PvP with little or no way of exacting "revenge" or counter attack unless you choose to engage in PvP fully.
  • BegaMyPardonBegaMyPardon McLean, VAPosts: 6Member
    Really...if you are part of the established, echelon guilds, maybe you're insulated from teh rabid and mean-spirited players.  Yes, it is a game, but the in-game bullying far exceeds the boundaries of decency and fair play.  Every sport has it's limits, its rules, but this game and its creators seemt to thrive on the abusive and elitist attitiude of the higher level and long-standing players.  What Hunted Cows fails to realize, though, is that at some point, there just won't be many players left.  Figure this, you can level up to level 1,500...Wow!.  However, at any given time, according to the in-game active player counter, there are less than 1200 players and more frequently, less than 700 online players at any given can you have any sense of camraderie and to traed with players in your level range if they are few and far between?  Looking through the in-game auction house, there are relatively few items for sale for your level, further proof of the dwindling FS population.  For those of us who like to stop and then pick up where we left off (in a dungeon, for example), it's a great set up.  But as a game, only a few hold the best cards which really no longer makes it a game -- it makes you feel cheated and they are cheating.  I would not spend any real $$$ on this game -- it will fold soon -- too bad, because in concept it offers a nice diversion, but in reality, it offers nothing new and you are subjected to a pervasive meanness that is real, not manufactured or part of the game.
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