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The Black Knight Brotherhood is recruiting

NoragNorag Milford, OHPosts: 4Member


Hello fellow Wastelanders! The Black Knight Brotherhood is out of stasis and now actively recruiting. We are a clan that has been on the MMO scene for over a decade and are now looking for members to build our Fallen Earth division.


What we are looking to do is build a core group of about 20. We do require the use of vent, which we will happily assist anyone in installing and setting up. The other requirement is that anyone interested register and request access to our forums, which can be found [URL=""]here[/URL]. There will be a short probationary period before vault access is granted.


We are mainly focused on the Enforcer/Tech/Lightbearer side of the wheel, but are possibly open to accepting others. This will be a casual clan looking to have fun and build friendships. If you are interested, either PM Norag here, Noragh on the FE forums or /tell Norag in-game and we can get you into the fold.

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