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Not that great of a game but...

zerglin87zerglin87 Livermore, CAPosts: 38Member

Unfortunately it is the only Racing MMO that beats all the other MMO racing game crap out there to date.

Project Torque's Dead. CTRacer, i def dont want to talk about it. World of Racing ((Or whatever that Formula Classic MMOracing game is)) isnt out yet to my current knowledge.

I tried it and its slightly likable in a Most Wanted sort of way, except for the fact you cant have any "clubs" or the fact that the modifications are not detailed. I miss MCO but this is the only thing i got going for me ((I love that sexy Charger.))

Oh well, wait for Motor World Onine is all I can say :/


((It doesnt beat iRacing, but who would want to spend 200+ USD for that?))

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