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Dragonica Online: Summer Wedding Package Event!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMPosts: 5,226Administrator Uncommon

Feel the love with our Dragonica Online Summer Wedding Package! We are giving away 2500 special codes that will give you many romantic items! Get your key while supplies last!  Each key will give you:

Love Message Card - Send message to the one you love. You can send to anyone and the message is shared is shared by all who are currently connected to the channel.

Balloon of LOVE - Hot-air balloon. You can ride in with the one you love.

3 Days Paris Costumes – Evil witch Paris was once a great magician. You might be able to become like her. HOT!

1x999 Souls: Increase Soul Force to upgrade armor and weapons.

10pcs Weapon Powder: A material used for enhancing weapons

20x Armor Powder: A material used for enhancing armors

Assorted Candies:

10pcs Colorful Chocolates : This will increase Movement Speed by 5% for 10 minutes

10pcs Colorful Candy: This will increase STR by 10 for 10 minutes.

10pcs IceCream Cake: Restores 1040 HP and MP.

10pcs Grape Candy: Restores 650 HP and MP.


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  • YasasaYasasa Calgary, ABPosts: 2Member

    Only got Armor Enchantment powder D:

  • cyrex6cyrex6 Posts: 9Member

    i didnt get anything, it registered and then nothing

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