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SECTOR PATROL, looking for new members

loot613loot613 SAN MARCOS, CAPosts: 10Member

Sector Patrol has been around since just after launch,  I was not the founder but I'm now the leader of the clan.  We are striving to help each other out with every aspect of advancement, whether it be stockloading mats for future and current crafting or banding together to wipe out some quests you may have had problems with alone.  This clan is for everyone and I'd like to to grow to be one of the most respected clans in FE.  We are all still Sector 1's so we haven't commited to a faction yet, there will be open votes and we will look at the makeup of our clan to see what suites it the best.  Please PM me for an invite, or whisper me in game i'm LOOT WYLDE...  One of our main mottos and what we live by here in the clan is that we understand that you may not subscribe to fallen earth for life, once a member always a member.  We have some of the coolest players in the game, so if you want to take time off from the wasteland you will always have your clan there for you when you return...



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