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Brilliant a driving game without wheel and pedal support.

MackehMackeh LondonPosts: 164Member

You could not make this up to be honest, a driving game that does not support any wheel or pedal system, I mean even Euro Truck Simulator supports a steering wheel.  And to add insult you can't even remap your key commands, the official line on this is that it will be put in at some stage in the future.   LMFAO.

Sadly in it's current form TDU1 blows this game away and thats 5 years old and totally free to play, Well done Black Box and EA Games, I give you a 3/10 must try a lot harder.


  • ShreddiShreddi Thousand Oaks, CAPosts: 317Member Uncommon

    You are right,  Could be great with Wheel support.   What is even Worste is you can NOT even remap keys at all.   They really blew it.   Driving games without wheels could be acceptable if keyboard keys could be remapped to something more comfortable then a cramped wasd config.  

    This post is intentionally written as to not make any sense what so ever. Thank You Very Much.

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