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Wonder what this is?

StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOPosts: 1,680Member Rare

Nice tease from Runic.

I wonder what it could be? A new piece of artwork, slowly being revealed? An outline of the game world, or part of it perhaps?

Good picture of the outline, looks like the gameworld, or part of it to me. The name of the picture, 08042010, most likely suggests when we'll know more.

Can you guess what it is?



  • dandmcddandmcd Iowa City, IAPosts: 20Member

    Looks like the word Online might be covered up on the Torchlight logo.  I'm guessing this is a reveal of the online version of Torchlight, with some new art they are showing off.

  • StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOPosts: 1,680Member Rare

    Well, with the most recent updates i'm not sure if it has anything to do with the MMO anymore. I think things are going a little slower with the MMO than they previously thought. Most likely an expansion or sequel. Personally i'd prefer and expansion, seems too soon for a sequel already. We'll know tomorrow I suppose.

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