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How things are now

soulfly002soulfly002 bredaPosts: 1Member

since japanese sho (tendo) closed down some tendo players started again in Global sho

we have 1 big problem they are cs spammers and cs is cheap for them they use tools to get better stats and dmg

normal players even cs users cant cope with the mass amount of tendos popping up being lvl 81 in no time with

maxed out gears and dmg tools and mad casting ,normal players cant do what they do

so they slowly take over Global alot players allready quit due the unbalance and some classes being overpowered.

the company that runs this game is doing a bad management and should considder letting tendos play in korean version of sho instead of slowly let them take over Global and make alot people unhappy playing wars or grind since even if a player has maxed out his gears he cant do same dmg or resist to their skills like it should.



+ game play rocks

+ community is good depending if u help each other

+- war objectives outdated but used to be fun

+- Pets are fun to use

- Pets are hard to get

- Dominated by cs

- Players using tools cheats

- unballanced classes

- skills dont do what they tell or ment to do

- no or hardly quests after 60+

- 1 quest at lvl 76 and sucks

-  new lvl 85 armours and weapons to be crafted are not finished

- new maps impossible to grind on unless u spamm cs pills ($$$$$$)

- enhance rates suck

- Droprate in lvl 80+ maps are pathetic

- balance in exp and dmg ratio in lvl 8x maps suck





too much to tell


conclusion if u are interested in this game...its not worth it

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