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GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,936Member Rare

"Gamers don’t give a shit that I won three World Series. They care if we make a great game or not.

The more they understand my credibility as a gamer, and my beliefs as a visionary for the company, hopefully the more they’ll understand what we’re doing."


Still no news on what the game is other than being fantasy based.

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  • arcdevilarcdevil fjkdoao, NEPosts: 864Member

    call me cynical, but the odds of Copernicus being a forgettable EQ rehash and Curt being a snake oil salesman are 100 to 1....


    I never get enough of people running their mouths and then shooting a bazooka on their foot, and havent heard about Mark Jacobs in a while...ty Curt...

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,939Member Epic

    Well reading the whole article it sounds sort of obvious that this will be an EQ/Wow clone.Did you notice he began his gaming in my old fave ...ahem Wizardry :D.

    Too bad not my cup of tea and i sort of feel i am speaking for most ,when i say we want something different,that design is old now.We hear him talk of raid excitement and moving from Eq>Wow,i think it is rather obvious where his ideas are going.

    In saying that,i still liked Curt as a pitcher and a person,he even sounds cool,and i do hope his company great success as we don't see a single person succeed in this industry very often.Most of the time it is the big boys,corporations that make the big games,maybe this will create a new trend.

    Too bad journalism and interviews are done so poorly,the whole thing basically gave us nothing,i hope these journalists don't get paid for such a poor selection of questions.A good interviewer would be a gamer who understands what type of questiosn to ask,a family background is not exactly a gaming interview.

    He should have asked if Curt offered any ideas to the game,or if the game design is going to give us something different,is it going to be a DX9c game or will it utilize advanced physics,will there be racial traits,factions,a highly detailed crafting system,example building ships ect ect,so many questions that COULD be asked.

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  • bansanbansan blah city, MOPosts: 367Member

    Originally posted by Wizardry

    He should have asked if Curt offered any ideas to the game,or if the game design is going to give us something different,is it going to be a DX9c game or will it utilize advanced physics,will there be racial traits,factions,a highly detailed crafting system,example building ships ect ect,so many questions that COULD be asked.


    If you read at the end, the interviewer said he was not allowed to ask anything about the project Copernicus.  This is clearly a profile interview that was promoting Schilling and his company, and not the game.

  • generals3generals3 MehPosts: 3,307Member

    Well what i could conclude from the interview:

    A) He seems like a nice guy and hopefully his gaming history will help him make a game not only for money but also for the gamers .  (but this is off course based on the interview , i don't know him at all and whether this is true or not only time will tell).

    B) Copernicus will most likely be a Themepark MMO ressembling to WoW . Which is not necessarily bad if they add some revolutionary elements to it .  Existing formula's can be expanded , and if expanded enough it might appear like a totally new formula .

    C) i'm even more curious about Copernicus , not excited but just curious .

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  • popsicledeathpopsicledeath Spokane, WAPosts: 108Member

    He liked EQ and WoW so the game that he openly admits he has little imput in design, is going to be a WoW clone?


    You people astound me!  At least wait for the screenshots to start claiming a game's mechanics are going to be exactly like the game it may (or usually may not) look like. lol.


    Omg, did you guys see, Lexus just unveiled their newest line of cars.... It had tires and seats!  Model T clone!!! amirite?!

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  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOPosts: 3,729Member Uncommon

    Not a bad interview.  I wish they had been able to talk a lot more about Copernicus, but you can't have everything.

    It's good to hear about the vision for the game, and how some of the team dynamics are working at 38 Studios.

    I'll certainly be interested in hearing more.

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  • wisesquirrelwisesquirrel San Diego, CAPosts: 282Member Uncommon

    I must admit they have awoken my curiosity.

  • DerWotanDerWotan NorrathPosts: 1,012Member
    Gotta love the vision, passion this studio is showing. It also helps that most of them started with UO, Everquest. Take your time guys and deliver us an oldschool game!

    We need a MMORPG Cataclysm asap, finish the dark age of MMORPGS now!

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  • Logos1326Logos1326 Posts: 240Member Uncommon

    He had me until page 2 where he said:

    "For an MMO, World of Warcraft at launch. Fantastic game, great execution.

    A game that I didn’t like, a bad game… let me think… Tabula Rasa?"

    WoW was not fantastic at launch, and although very successful it still leaves a lot to be desired. Tabula Rasa was not that bad. There are a lot worse games than TR. I actually liked it just hated how the NCSoft/Garriott drama killed it.

    As long as he remembers his roots, Wizardry, EQ, and UO, and doesn't let his ex-WoW UI designer turn it into another WoW clone it might be worth a look. Good luck to him. We need more games out there made by people that game and aren't only looking at the $$$.

  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,899Member Legendary

    Yet another great interview.  I thought when he coined the phrase Free2Start (in reference to the misnomer of F2P) it was briliant, but this is now my favorite quote:

    "There would be times when I was sitting in the dugout, where I’d be looking at the clock thinking, 'If the ninth inning is over by 11, I’ll be able to get back and raid by 12:30!'"

    What gamer hasn't thought the very same, or at least a very similar, thought (sans being in a pro ball dugout lol)?  That quote says a lot and, to me, is pure win.

    I also deeply appreciate that his professional baseball accomplishments mean a lot where they do, but that he doesn't rely on them or show them off for special attention.  That level of genuine humility is rare.

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  • popsicledeathpopsicledeath Spokane, WAPosts: 108Member

    LOL, a UI dev is going to turn an entire game into a WoW clone.   I suppose it's possible... one time a single bad apple turn a whole bunch into WoW clones too.

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