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Pirates of the Burning Sea: Power & Prestige Open Beta

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Flying Lab Software has announced that the expansion for Pirates of the Burning Sea has entered its open beta phase of development. Current players and those using a 14-day free trial are eligible to play Power & Prestige on the public test server.

The expansion is set to bring over sixty new quests, a brawling "school" and Port Governance. The development team is also planning to bring several new live events to the PTS during the open beta.

Power & Prestige expands upon the game’s real-time Port Conquest system, allowing players to not only capture ports on behalf of their parent nations, but to also become a Port Governor with great economic and strategic influence. It also contains over 60 new missions, a new “Brawling” fighting school, and much more.

Head to the PotBS site to learn more.



  • GrailchaserGrailchaser PerthPosts: 20Member

    I loved PotBS until they did their server consolodation and it brought about the death of the Society (Guild) I was in. Probably the only thing that would bring me back are player houses or an expansion into the Mediterranean.

  • Ice_HoleIce_Hole Henderson, NVPosts: 22Member

    I also enjoyed the game.


    The biggest thing for me wasn't the server consolidation (They needed that), but was some of the changes they kept making to the game.  Their have been very few good design changes that have worked out the way FLS had invisioned.  Actually, I take that back.  Some of their changes did work, but they did not think the consequences of thoes changes through completely.  The things they are doing now are things they are doing because of things they have done in the past.  Quite honestly it is one of thoes games that keeps headding in the wrong direction instead of the right one as they try to cater to certain groups of players.


    Is the game still good?  Yes.  But is it as good as it could have been?  I don't think so.  Sometimes I wish I could just sit down and have a good debate with some of these dev teams.  Because I think that is something they are lacking within their own company.


    It's a shame, the PvP was a blast.


     - Ice_Hole

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