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@ ThemePark MMO lover: What features are you looking for in the next big Themepark MMORPG?

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon

We have tons of threads talking about what Sandbox Fanyboys want.


Well what is it that Themepark fanboys want?



More Story Focus?




  • laokokolaokoko TaipeiPosts: 2,004Member Uncommon

    I dont' think there's many themepark lover on this forum. 

    I think most people come here they can't find games to play.  And majority of those is sandbox lovers.

    And people that play mostly themepark games arn't necessary themepark lovers.  They just find the current themepark games more entertaining. 


  • KenaoshiKenaoshi Porto AlegrePosts: 1,022Member Uncommon

    nah, the sandbox fanboyz the are the elitist jerks, the ppl who like themepark dont give a fuck about it, they just wanna have fun, while sandboxers just wanna grow their e-peens.

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  • DrakynnDrakynn The Pas, MBPosts: 2,030Member

    Hopefully the next big MMO has something that keeps people who love to label and generalize and who can't enjoy games for being entertainment away fromt he rest of us. 8-D

  • ZoulzZoulz BPosts: 477Member

    Originally posted by Kenaoshi

    nah, the sandbox fanboyz the are the elitist jerks, the ppl who like themepark dont give a fuck about it, they just wanna have fun, while sandboxers just wanna grow their e-peens.

    100% agree.

  • laokokolaokoko TaipeiPosts: 2,004Member Uncommon

    I want more daily quest.  Things that rewards you greatly, but you can only do once a day. 

    For example a daily pvp quest that takes 1 hour that grants 100 battle points.  Where as you usually only gets 30 battle points per hours.  That will lessen the gap between hardcore/casual gamers.

    I dont' care about story telling, because I dont' think the developer can produce enough of it anyway.  I listened an interview about SWTOR, the developers says every class will have it's own story to the end... Which is kind of telling me there won't be any if at best only limited story telling once you reach end game.

  • DrachasorDrachasor Columbus, OHPosts: 2,678Member

    Dynamic content and the ability to change the world (which has a very significant PVE component).  GW2 looks pretty good here.

    Combat that isn't the overspecialization exemplified by the Holy Trinity.  GW2 will probably do this, TOR as well.

    The ability to make PVE decisions in the story and not be led around by the nose for whatever the quest is.

    Similar to dynamic content, a world that feels alive and acts on its own.  Something like different AIs for each PVE "kingdom" that persue their own ends.  I suppose some of this might seem sandboxy, but how it differs from a sandbox, imho, is an extensive PVE element that provides continuity and consistency game world so it isn't as dependent on people being logged in (and I get tired of PVP combat, quite frankly).

    I do like a nice crafting system.  Something that allows some creativity or at least lets you go off-recipe when assembling things, yet works in a fashion that can be reasoned out and makes sense within the game world.

    I'd like mysteries to solve, so long as solving them lets you DO something with that knowledge.


    I do not care about daily quests or anything like that.  I'd want the world to feel more seamless and alive than that.  Maybe on day X King WHATSHISFACE is moving his troops to secure a mine or something, and so you can try to force those troops back if you want.  If he gets the mine running, then that gives that kingdom some benefits and they'll keep pushing forward, etc, etc.  Such things don't have to be places you can have characters allied to, but could be purely enemy kingdoms to everyone (and hence could be "OP" in some manner), and of course new ones could pop up in content patches and so forth.

  • MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon

    Hey theme park fans


    whats do you think about PvP? Any PvP Features u wants?


  • OscillateOscillate Fuckoff, mmorpg.comPosts: 225Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Kenaoshi
    nah, the sandbox fanboyz the are the elitist jerks, the ppl who like themepark dont give a fuck about it, they just wanna have fun, while sandboxers just wanna grow their e-peens.

    LOL you got it all figured out, or at least think so. Actually a lot of people who play sandbox games and like them are just MMO gamers, who like any decent MMO. I know I am that way, nothing to do with "e-peen" just like the style, but also like themepark style if the game is done right and is fun. Vanilla WoW is a good example, was well worth paying the sub then I.M.H.O.

    As far as what "themepark lovers" want, it boils down to what any MMO gamer wants, Something innovative and fun. I personally believe story plays big into any game myself and look forward to SWTOR.

    A sandbox fan likes themepark games? It has to be a troll telling STORIES! REPORT HIM!


  • DrachasorDrachasor Columbus, OHPosts: 2,678Member

    Originally posted by MMOExposed

    Hey theme park fans
    whats do you think about PvP? Any PvP Features u wants?

    Personally I prefer PVP to be entirely optional.  Like a lot of people, PVP can be fun, but I do get sick of it.  PVP always feels more personal to me, especially with how uncivil people can behave during it (with emotes, text, etc).  It's wearisome.  I'm kind of the same way with board games.  A good cooperative board game is fun and generally feels better to everyone when all is said and done (easier to maximize the utils).

    Edit:  PvP a good bit of the time to me is like the Sandbox vs. Themepark thing going on in this thread.  A lot of needless ill will.

  • gorthoxgorthox ~, MDPosts: 27Member

    Originally posted by Kenaoshi

    nah, the sandbox fanboyz the are the elitist jerks, the ppl who like themepark dont give a fuck about it, they just wanna have fun, while sandboxers just wanna grow their e-peens.


    speaking of e-peens, a player's worth in WoW is now solely decided by their gearscore

  • Cactus-ManCactus-Man The Ocean, NCPosts: 572Member

    Some stuff I would like,

    • Better combat - I am not saying it has to be hardcore FPS or whatever, but I would like less dice rols and more personal involvement.

    • Better Customization - for my character's face and body as well as clothing and weapons.  If I can get mounts or something I want to customize those as well.

    • Seemless Worlds - I don't mind some zoning and instancing can be really good but I would prefer the majority of the game to be open.

    For content,

    • Less Gear Focus - I mean I like finding things but I just don't liek having the game driven by gear, plus I subscribe to the wear what you want school of character customization.

    • Better Quests - get rid of fetch quests and kill quests.  Quests should be deeper, include voice acting and dialog options.  They should also be mini staory arcs rather than one off jobs that NPCs are too lazy to do themselves.

    • Dynamic Content -  by doing something or other you can change somethign about the world.  Or course it should be temporary or reversable.  Have the game world react to players.

    • Counter Operative Quests - that is a quest where one group is trying to do something, and another group is trying to stop them.

    • Public Quests _ I like quests that band everyone together to do something.

    • Puzzles and Platforming - These would be good additions to dungeons and such.

    • PvP - I like both open and instanced PvP, maybe something like Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer would work for PvP, that is a free roaming PvP area and instanced battles around the land.  Territory control is fun too so long as it has a purpose beyond just material gain.

    For Fluff,

    • Voice acting - makes the game more immersive

    • Better animation - same reason

    • Living world - I like to get the impression the the world is lived in, NPC should behave is more realistic way, rather than stand there the whole time.

    • Collectable Stuff -  I like collecting crap even if it doesn't do anything,

    • Housing - because having a house you can build and decorate is fun.

    • Unique Art Style - because style is more intereting than psuedo realism

    All men think they're fascinating. In my case, it's justified

  • EronakisEronakis Louisville, KYPosts: 2,038Member Uncommon

    It seems as if there are two factions, themeparkers and sandboxers. And from the OP's tone on several of his posts on this thread it seems as if sandboxers are higher on the totem pole than themeparkers. Which is not true at all. Many of you forget, MMORPG's is suppose to be a genre of niches. Why is there fighting? The genre seemed more happy when, EQ, UO, DAoC, AC, and Shadow Bane was the primary mmos. Why? Because they focused on niche play styles. Anyways, now to what the primary focus about this thread.


    I am a "themeparker" and I enjoy PVE as much as PVP. I'll give you some of my essential ideas for my "themepark" hardcore heavy PVE game that has PVP as well.


    There are three conditions of PVP. I haven't really figured out the best way to activate PVP on my heavy PVE oriented world yet. However, I was considering that if the other player does something negative towards the player it would intiate a pvp battle. Maybe such "negative" things are, when the player trains, ninja loots or kill steals. I was considering having pve complement pvp. Also, factions maybe play a role in pvp. I do NOT have a factionalized theme like WoW, moreso like EQ. I have three states of faction level. Black is an enemy faction against you. When another player or NPC has black faction, they are on kill on sight mode. Which means you will have no faction penality and you can kill them with out ignition. Gray faction is the neutral state. This means, they can give you faction bonuses or decrease faction. They are not swayed by any other condition unless they or you attack them. White faction is the ally state. This means, if you kill a player or an NPC it will absolutley decrease your faction rate. Maybe this faction idea can play into initiating pvp from pve.


    This is not set in stone. Before you read on, please read the whole post and do not have accusations from skimming or belittle the ideas.


    Three Combat States when PVP is initiated.

    Battle: You go into the fight with no "tactical move" - No Penality

    Flee: You run away and don't fight - Penality: If you flee from battle 10 times within 25 Quarrel activations you will get a coward title next to your name. I think there should be a cooldown of some sort to balance out griefers so players just don't get this title because they don't want to fight this person.

    Ambush: Increases the critical strike on the next ability used. - Unsuccssful Ambush: The exrta critical chance will return on you

    Flank: Additional 5 second stun on your next ability used. - The extra stun proc returns on you.


    Three Types of PVP states

    Quarrell: Is 1v1 battle.

    Skirmish: This is activated when 3-18 players are in a 50 yard vicinity of each other. All players within a skirmish can fight each other. Players outside of a skirmish cannot interupt or be activated in pvp.

    War: This activated when there are 19+ players within a 50 yard vicinity of each other. Within the parameter of war, there are rules to follow. This should be used between guilds.

    Successful Quarrel/Skirmish/War: Next time you die you loose 5% less experience; can be stacked up to three times and will increase 3% each tier of pvp.

    Unsuccessful Quarrel/Skirmish/War: Winner has a choice to lookt 3% of the money you have on you, or an extra 5 minute ressurection time.


    Siege Warfare

    Guildes only have access to siege warfare. Seige Vehicles - Balista, Catapult, Battering Ram and Trebuchet.

    Players do not directly control these siege vehicles. From the research I have gathered, it would be best to hire NPC's to control these vehicles. This allows you to play your class as well as have siege weapons at hand. However, you can tell the NPC where you want the siege vehicle to focus their attacks or how to initiate their attacks. All siege vehicles are singular units and you can link units together as well. For an example, you can tell a singular unit or a link of units to flank at a certian time ect and where. You can do this by position of your war map.


    Player Housing

    I think player housing can play a vital role into pvp war scenario. However, only guild housing can be affected by pvp in which there are two types 

    Guild Fortress: Can house any size guild, can hold a capacity of 15 siege weapons and can be attacked by PvE AI and PVP. Can be taken over by other guilds on request and will recieve bonuses to the defensive. Guild Fortresses are not instanced.

    Guild Keep: Can house up to 3 full guilds and are not instanced. A guild keep can only be built after 3 guilds has their held their Guild Fortress for a certain duration. This can create alliances between guilds to make a Guild Keep. There are Keep Ranks to run this stronghold. Can only attack a Guild Keep if you declare war. Guild Keeps are attacked more often PvE AI. Keeps can house up tp 45 siege weapons. If the keep has been established for a long duration they can make laws and could be their own small city state with allainces to NPC cities.


    Keep Ranks

    Keep Ranks are appointed by the guild members that reside in the keep by vote.

    Keep Ranks can also be used in PVE

    Keep Overlord: The leader of the keep which has full control. You can have up to three Overlords, only one from each guild that is potentially housed in the keep. The Overlord(s) are the only ones who can declare war on other Keeps.

    Keep Admiral: Overlords right hand man who is in second command. More than one Overlord, they each get an Admiral. The Overlord has full control of the power of the Admiral.

    Keep Generals: Officers who are appointed to lead raids (PVE or PVP) You can have up to 5-15 generals.

    Keep Ambassador: Officers who is appointed to use diplomacy with other Guild Keeps. Can only have 3 per Keep.

    Keep Baron: are officers who are appointed to take care of supplies and the morale of the keep. The lowest form of officers and you can have a limit if 10-20.


    I really think the guild wars (lol pun), will be a very interesting concept for PVP. I also think it establishes a political structure within the keep and if the keep becomes a small providence or alliance to a NPC city that could also chance political structure of the game as a whole.

    Sorry this was long winded. I hope people actually take the time and read this.


  • MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon

    Any more PvP ideas?


  • midmagicmidmagic Portland, ORPosts: 614Member

    The style of the game doesn't matter too much to me. Sandbox, themepark, virtual chat room, as long as the experience is entertaining.

    However, for an MMO...

    I want grouping to be a primary focus and not to be facerollable. I also want more objectives that require multiple guilds, or the entire server, to cooperate to complete. It really does get annoying when the MMO devolves into 5-40 person cliches playing their own game. Community, community, community, or something.

    I want any equipment item with an appearance I find to be able to unlock a recipe to create an item that can change any items appearance into that item or to unlock selectable appearance options. NO bags upon bags or appearance item storage that must then be swapped out for combat. NO developers dictating what my latest clown suit will be based on what equipment is actually effective.

    I want to be able to have multiple (swappable) classes built into a single character. Level them up individually or what ever, I don't care how it is worked out.

    I want the equipment gated content to end. This just fuels to need to play constantly in order to keep up or get left behind because no one will do 3-6 month old content to help catch up when they have their own content they need to get done to keep up. They also might just be bored to tears because they ran the old content a hundred times to gear up for the next content already.

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  • Cactus-ManCactus-Man The Ocean, NCPosts: 572Member

    Originally posted by MMOExposed

    Any more PvP ideas?

     Territory control with RTS elements,

    Meaning you can capture resource nodes to get resources which can be used to upgrade and fortify bases and build buildings near the base.  You could even have tech trees.

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  • laokokolaokoko TaipeiPosts: 2,004Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by MMOExposed

    Any more PvP ideas?

    RvR with 3 faction, battleground, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5arena, 6 people death match.

  • IhmoteppIhmotepp Koolawachie, SCPosts: 14,495Member
  • EvasiaEvasia rotterdamPosts: 2,827Member

    More Sandbox in themeparks:P

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